Finally Fix Your FCR

The impacts of customer service hold time on a brand reaches far beyond most people think. In fact, it's not service if they're holding.


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No one wants to have to contact customer service twice to get an answer to their question. Don’t serve them right the first time, you’ll have hell to pay when they call back all flustered and frustrated—clogging up your hold queues, berating your “incompetent” agents and demolishing your contact center efficiency.

That’s why it pays to get first contact resolution right, well, the FIRST time. Sam’s going to give you a holistic, six-step road map for improving FCR from the top down.

This episode has been adapted from our article, “How to Improve First Contact Resolution with a Top-Down Approach.

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Written and hosted by Sam Salerno.

Produced and engineered by Jared Evers.

Edited, mixed, and mastered by Adam Griffith.

Artwork designed by Rob Beckham.

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