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Customer attempts self-service, but needs agent assistance.


Offer web-based call scheduling to connect, track, and optimize experiences.


Lower overhead, and improve CES, CSAT, and agent efficiency.

Eliminate dead ends.

See how a full-journey view can completely enhance operations and experience.

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Customers get stuck trying to find an answer online.

Even with 1,000 help pages, industry-leading AI, and adaptive chatbots, customers are still going to reach an escalation point.

But when customers stop browsing and dial a number, the brand loses journey tracking, the agent is ill prepared, and the customer has to start their self-serve journey all over again while on the phone.

Customers repeat themselves, causing frustration. Agents are wasting time requesting information and navigating upset customers. And the brand is improving slowly because no one can see the entire customer journey.

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Embed a call scheduling form at precise digital moments.

Let customers move to voice from anywhere online—at the end of a help article, in the midst of FAQs, on a product or cart page, and even within a bot or live chat.

Mindful Scheduler unlocks tons of value in these interactions.

  • Tracking: Customer journeys are tracked across channels for accurate containment and attribution metrics.
  • Context: Web or digital context is gathered upon scheduling and delivered to the agent so the customer never has to repeat themselves.
  • Volume: Call availability is based on queue conditions, so any customer choice is the best brand choice, too.

Once a call is set and the customer is queued, Mindful Handoff finds the best resolution:

  • Abandonment: Notifications confirm, remind, and follow up every scheduled call to decrease abandonment.
  • Automated self-service: Utilizing integrated AI, Mindful Handoff can automate questions and service solutions before the call is connected.
  • Preparation: Context collected from both the digital journey and queueing experience are delivered to the agent before the call connects.
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Provide a fully connected digital experience.

Customers love the convenience and personalization of a connected experience, and brands love the impacts:

  • Improve CES with smooth handoffs and convenient scheduling.
  • Gain full journey tracking across digital and voice channels.
  • Improve handle time and FCR with context for agents.
  • Schedule and track call volume to enhance WFM and queue efficiency.

Worried about volume? Our team helps dial in the perfect availability and pacing to keep your contact center running smoothly. More calls can be accommodated thanks to prepared agents, removed repeat calls, and pleasant customers.

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Start online.

Let customers to schedule a call with you on your website—at a time that’s most convenient for you both.

Use the dropdown below to experience how a customer would schedule a call with you via your website.

Digital scheduler for callbacks

We see this all the time.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients face this challenge. Here are the key industries we see this the most:


Financial Services



Solve the cross-channel challenge.

With more and more customers expecting premium service across channels, eliminating dead ends could have big revenue implications. Reach out to get a demo!