Mindful for Customer Acquisition

Increase conversions and customer growth with Mindful.

Browsers, one-time shoppers, repeat customers—they all deserve a delightful experience. Mindful is built to meet them where they are, even before they’re customers.

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Deliver a concierge-level experience every time.

No matter what stage of the funnel, your customers deserve a smooth, effortless way to contact your brand. Mindful Scheduler lets them request a conversation with your sales team at a time that’s most convenient for them and your brand.

Image of scheduler widget in front of laptop.

Customer choice is your new selling point.

People shouldn’t have to press pause on life to sit on hold, waiting to talk to a brand. Mindful Callback—the industry-leading solution that’s trusted by the world’s biggest companies—allows customers to choose the best time to connect with your brand and turn hold time back into free time.

Plus a bonus: With SMS call notifications, your callback reconnects stay strong.

Image of callback confirmation SMS in front of phone.

The best first impression every single time.

With the noise of many different channels and engagement tools, your brand has the opportunity to make a truly delightful first impression with new customers. Mindful Handoff carries the data and context across all channels, right to your team ahead of time, so no one ever has to repeat themselves. And they’ll remember the joy of a seamless experience when they return down the road.

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Fast feedback = better business.

Don’t let a negative experience escalate into a public event. Mindful Feedback is a voice of customer solution that helps brands not only gather customer feedback in real-time, but immediately act as soon as negative experiences happen to turn frustrated shoppers into lifetime promoters.

Image of feedback questionnaire in front of phone.

Delight visitors.
Drive conversions.
Rinse and repeat.

With Mindful behind your customer growth strategy, you’ll see how new visitors turn into happy customers over and over. We’d love to show you how.