Inspire purchasing confidence.

Turn first-time buyers into lifelong customers by meeting them in every interaction with Mindful.

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Make CX your competitive edge.

Customers have unlimited choice when it comes to shopping. Turn CX into a differentiator as Mindful connects customers and agents at critical points in their journey to answer questions and address concerns.

Make more high value sales.

Consumers don’t just contact you when something’s wrong—they want confidence when considering a high value purchase. Mindful bridges self-serve journeys to agent experiences, building that confidence with context-equipped agents.

Retain customers with surprise and delight.

Mindful creates a connected experience across channels, so customers can get answers when and how they need. Context is collected and utilized to offer self-serve options and prepare agents for a personalized conversation.

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Turn browsers into buyers.

Mindful Scheduler gives customers that in-store feeling as they schedule a call with an agent at key browsing moments. Experience context products or pages viewed is delivered directly to the employee, so each call is personalized and revenue tracked directly to the call center.

  • Abandoned cart: Connect unsure customers to a live employee at critical moments like the cart pages.
  • High value purchases: When spending more than an average amount, customers can get guidance from an expert. The employee starts the call by seeing exactly what they’re looking at for ultimate efficiency and personalization.
  • Chat escalation: One of the top customer complaints is starting over. Mindful Scheduler carries chatbot context over to live agents so customers never have to repeat themselves.
  • Contact us: Most customers start by browsing and switch to a call. For most brands, that’s a complete disconnect. Mindful Scheduler lets you see just where customers start, continue, and end their journey, connecting digital and voice experiences.
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Make customer service your best-seller.

In an ideal world, the customer never has to wait. With a callback, the feeling of waiting goes away as Mindful Callback queues for them. It’s a premium experience that lowers overhead, improves WFM, and raises NPS.

  • Staffing support: Allow customers to get a callback at a time that’s best for them and the brand, so you can smooth out peaks and adjust to workforce changes.
  • Call efficiency: Callers that wait on hold typically spend 60 seconds venting. Mindful Callback streamlines conversations by lowering frustration and, with customer-first dialing, agents only spend time on calls that are ready.
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The closest thing to a personal shopper.

Today’s brands must be omnichannel. Mindful Handoff fills the gap between channel experiences, connecting conversations to meet the customer anywhere, anytime.

  • Where’s my order: With the guarantee of conversation from Mindful Callback, now customers feel free to interact with automations from Mindful Handoff, providing information about the problem that can be used during the call or an AI-powered agentless resolution.
  • Returns and order issues: So much time is wasted transferring between agents and collecting order information. Allow Mindful Handoff to do the work for you, connecting the right information to the right person the first time.
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Real-time feedback to meet retail pace.

Time taken to fix an issue can be measured in sales lost. Mindful Feedback records post-interaction surveys instantly, and delivers them to agents and managers in real time so issues can be addressed and positives rewarded quickly.

  • Close the loop: Mobilize your team to close the loop on detractors and turn the brand experience around before it snowballs.
  • Ecommerce enhancement: Use keyword flagging to send shopping feedback to product and experience owners and put customer opinions straight onto the roadmap.
  • Process management: Incorrect coupons. Changing return policies. In-store versus online. Straighten out all your processes by hearing where customers are frustrated in CSAT, CES, or sentiment analysis.
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Be mindful of your retail experience.

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