Common challenges with Mindful solutions.

Look through the challenges that brands are tackling in their contact center experiences using Mindful.


Agent Retention and Happiness

Agents are often burnt out and frustrated in the contact center. With Mindful you can help your agents feel more empowered and rewarded in their work. This leads to higher agent retention and happier callers.

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Customer Experience Dropoff

Do you ever feel like your brand and your customers are ships in the night? With Mindful’s automated self-service and scheduling tools you can dramatically decrease the number of customer drop-offs.

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High Cost-to-Resolution

Callers with low-value concerns often tie up agents and inflate cost-to-resolution. With Mindful you can collect intent and deflect to self-serve options while queueing callers, leading to lower call volume and quicker customer resolution.

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Hold Time

High call volume ties up infrastructure and staffing, puts customers on hold, and wreaks havoc on CX. Mindful Callback offers a virtual hold that fits both preferences for both customer and brand. Resulting in lower hold times for customers and higher productivity for agents.

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