Never wait on hold again.

The first and best-in-class callback solution. Rapidly deployed, cloud-based software platform trusted by the world’s top brands.

The callback experience your customers (and brand) deserve.

Your contact center is a fine-tuned machine and many out-of-the-box callback options can’t keep up. With Mindful, you get an intelligent callback solution trusted by Fortune 100 contact centers to deliver a premier experience your customers will remember.

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#1: Perfect pacing.

Our queueing technology has been finessed for nearly 30 years. So…we got this! Not only will customers get dialed at precisely the right time, but you’ll maximize agent availability and keep your call center running like clockwork.

Queue integrity Operational efficiencies Lower call volume Lower abandonment rates

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#2: Built for customers and agents.

We built Mindful Callback with both your customer and agent in mind. With customer-first callback, not only does it remove hold time, it dials the caller first to mitigate agent idle time and maximize your team’s efficiency.

Customer-first callback Remove agent idle time Maximize agent efficiency

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#3: Look good in the board room.

Improve NPS by 3-5%, as well as:

  • Lower average seconds to answer by 47%*
  • Lower abandon rate by 28%*
  • Improve service level by 13%*
    *On average

Customer experience Operational efficiency

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#4: We’re your ride-or-die.

Our seasoned team of contact center experts works with yours to hone in every aspect of the virtual queue, enabling even the most complex call centers to offer a premium callback experience every time.

Quick set-up

See the original and best voice callback solution in action.


Maximum efficiency

Customer-first dialing is available out-of-the-box to maximize agent efficiency or agent-first dialing, whichever suits your brand.

Accuracy and integrity

Accurate estimated wait time and queueing integrity makes for a perfectly approximated callback every time.

No repeats

Callback double check removes repeat callers by preventing one number from requesting multiple calls.

Routing intelligence

Route anywhere, offering voice callbacks for specific lines of business, queues, agent skillsets, or specific individuals.

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Grow as you go.

With usage-based pricing, you can scale at a pace that makes sense for your brand.

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Easy peasy procurement.

Mindful can be purchased through Genesys AppFoundry and AWS Marketplace, and can be found on the Twilio Marketplace and Five9 Marketplace.

You can always buy direct from the Mindful team, too!

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