Never wait on hold again.

After pioneering virtual hold over 25 years ago, Mindful Callback delivers our premier callback solution in a rapidly deployed, cloud-based software platform trusted by the world’s top brands.

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Callback is table stakes for brands that value customers.


3-5% NPS growth

Improve Net Promoter Score by 3-5% average within a couple weeks.

47% lower ASA

Lower average seconds to answer by 47% on average.

28% lower abandon

Lower abandon rate 28% on average.

Improve SLA 13%

Improve service level 13% on average.


The original and best voice callback solution.



Maximum efficiency

Customer-first dialing is available out-of-the-box to maximize agent efficiency or agent-first dialing, whichever suits your brand.

Accuracy and integrity

Accurate estimated wait time and queueing integrity makes for a perfectly approximated callback every time.

No repeats

Callback double check removes repeat callers by preventing one number from requesting multiple calls.

Routing intelligence

Route anywhere, offering voice callbacks for specific lines of business, queues, agent skillsets, or specific individuals.

Dial in the perfect experience.

Estimated callback times are calculated to maintain queue integrity and set expectations, while at the same time, driving efficiency with detailed queue depth and callback pacing. Our seasoned team works with yours to hone in every aspect of the virtual queue, enabling even the most complex call centers to offer a premium callback experience every time.

Not only will customers get dialed at precisely the right time, but you’ll maximize agent availability and keep your call center running like clockwork.

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Agents love it as much as customers do.

“Immediately after we deployed Mindful Callback, our agents could tell that customers entered the call differently.”

That report came from a LOB manager for a Fortune 100 retailer, and demonstrates the value of a pleasant conversation. Mindful’s best-in-class queueing removes hold time stress from every call, which makes for happier agents. And with the right scheduling and pacing, many of our enterprise clients have been able to send their agents home on time for the first time in years.

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Grow as you go.

With usage-based pricing, you can scale at the pace that makes sense for your brand. Want to start on just one line of business? Or even just one skill or pool of agents? No problem.

Mindful Callback is flexible enough to fit any telephony stack, software, infrastructure, office, workforce, or queue. Whether you start small or go big, we’ve got you covered.

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See it in action.

Start in the IVR.

Instead of building up a large queue of customers waiting on hold, allow your customers to request a voice callback when an agent is free or at a later time that’s convenient for you both.

Call 330-777-2408 and select one of the following options based on the experience you want to try:

  • Service—Get an ASAP callback experience using customer-first dialing.
  • Sales—Get an ASAP or scheduled callback experience.
  • Billing—Get an ASAP or scheduled callback, then deflect to messaging.
Evolution of telephony from landlines to cellphones and digital scheduling

Mindful Callback works best as a team.

Mindful Scheduler

Remove hold times in every experience when you use Scheduler with Callback. Allow customers to reschedule online or over voice, prepare agents with context from both channels, and eliminate repeat callers with callback double-check across both capabilities.

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Mindful Handoff

Mindful Handoff makes every callback a premier experience with notifications, confirming the call has been requested, reminding the customer of when the call is coming, and following up after the fact to make sure everything was resolved.

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Mindful Feedback

Post-call surveys are one of the best ways to hear the voice of the customer. Mindful Feedback captures survey data and returns it instantly, so your contact center can track how callback is doing and make changes to improve queue conditions in real time.

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See how we think.

Learn about how we approach voice callback and virtual queue strategy in our resources.

Provide a premium voice experience with Mindful Callback.

We’ve installed our premier callback solutions into hundreds of enterprise contact centers for over two decades. We’d love to see how our callback platform can fit your needs and start improving your customer journeys!