Long Hold Time


High call volume ties up infrastructure and staffing, puts customers on hold, and wreaks havoc on CX.


Mindful Callback offers a virtual hold that fits both preferences for both customer and brand.


Reduced hold time with happier customers and more productive agents.

Make your brand known for its free time.

Never worry about a social blast about terrible hold times. Customers that queue virtually can wait 300% longer while giving the same NPS. Allow us to introduce you to Mindful Callback.

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High call volume is causing long hold times.

Tons of customers are calling and forced to wait on hold. A big percentage of them abandon and call in again, running up tolls and skewing reporting and SLAs. NPS and CSAT are down, as customers get more frustrated, and handle times pick up with increased customer venting.


Offer premier callback to give customers freedom.

Reduce hold time by giving callers an option to skip it all together. Mindful Callback is presented before holding, allowing customers to get a call back as soon as possible or at a set time that works for both customer and brand.

Unlike other callback solutions, we’ve been perfecting Mindful Callback and our industry-defining queue technology for over 25 years for a premium experience every time. Set up call targets for specific departments, lines of business, agent skills, and get expert guidance to customize pacing and queue depth that overdelivers on experience and capitalizes on agent efficiency.

And queue volume can be more easily managed with Mindful’s real-time dashboards to track callback requests. It’s an option that both customers and agents love. Plus, we can get it up and running in days.

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Lower holds to improve costs and raise NPS.

Hold time is expensive for businesses, frustrates callers, and stresses agents. Mindful Callback makes all the good lines go up:

  • Save money by eliminating traditional hold telephony costs and repeat callers.
  • Increase agent retention with more pleasant customer calls.
  • Lower abandons, lower handle times, lower ASA.
  • Improve NPS and CSAT instantly.
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See what it looks like for a customer to get out of on hold hell.

Call 330-777-2408 and select one of the following options based on the experience you want to try:

  • Service
    Get an ASAP callback experience using customer-first dialing.
  • Sales
    Get an ASAP or scheduled callback experience.
  • Billing
    Get an ASAP or scheduled callback, then deflect to messaging.


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We see this all the time.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients face this challenge. Here are the key industries we see this the most:


Financial Services



Solve your hold time woes in days.

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