Agent Retention and Happiness

Agents are often burnt out and frustrated in the contact center. With Mindful you can help your agents feel more empowered and rewarded in their work. This leads to higher agent retention and happier callers.

Agents love a Mindful workday.

We have story after story of clients who saw immediate impact to staff after implementing Mindful. If it sounds too good to be true, our newsletter is here to help it sink in.

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Agents are handling big customer hurts.

A customer needs help, and they’re stuck on hold. Maybe for a very long time. They have to authenticate again, even though they’ve spent hours on the brand’s website.

Agents have the cards stacked against them and are not only losing efficiency trekking through customer venting—they’re also getting stressed and losing sleep.

Image of 3d illustrated agent at desk. Desk is messy with papers scattered everywhere.