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Agents are burnt out and frustrated in the contact center.


Prepare agents with insightful context and happier callers.


Retain agents, improve handle times, and grow brand equity.

Agents love a Mindful workday.

We have story after story of clients who saw immediate impact to staff after implementing Mindful. If it sounds too good to be true, we’re here to help it sink in.

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Agents are handling big customer hurts.

A customer needs help, and they’re stuck on hold. Maybe for a very long time. They have to authenticate again, even though they’ve spent hours on the brand’s website.

Agents have the cards stacked against them and are not only losing efficiency trekking through customer venting—they’re also getting stressed and losing sleep.

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Tee up a great conversation.

Training and workplace environment are both vital to agent success. But at the end of the day, it’s customer conversations that stand to be improved. Here’s how Mindful helps:

  • Remove hold times: Offer customers a callback to lighten spirits. Customers are willing to wait two to three times longer with a callback, making for a less angry call right off the bat.
  • Prepare agents: Asking a customer to repeat themselves or run through troubleshooting again is not only a waste of time—it exasperates the customer. Mindful gathers digital context so the agent can pick up where the customer left off.
  • Queue stress: Rushing through calls or staying late at the end of a shift is no way to appreciate an agent. Mindful’s leading queue tech (along with our decades of expertise) means agents go home on time—for maybe the first time in years.
  • Max efficiency: Call target settings can be changed in real time to hone in pacing. And with customer-first dialing, an agent will never pick up a dead phone line.
  • Voice of the agent: Hear real problems in real time with Mindful Feedback, so you can enhance training, knowledge base, systems, or rewards, all based on direct agent feedback.
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Agents will love your brand—customers will love your agents.

When agent happiness and efficiency come together, they feel appreciated, motivated, and thriving at work. You’ll not only see retention improve, but other by-products include improved NPS, lower operational overhead, improved staffing, improved FCR, and immense customer loyalty.

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We’ve helped hundreds of clients face this challenge. Here are the key industries we see this pop up:





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