Mindful Features List

When brands want to put customers in control, they look to Mindful. Every feature here is designed to holistically enhance the customer experience.


Customers are given the option to receive a callback rather than waiting on hold.

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Receive a callback when the next agent is available.


The customer can schedule a callback for a later date or time.


Schedule a callback directly with a specialist or account owner.

Agent first

Reserve an agent before launching the customer callback.

Customer first

Launch the customer side of the callback before bridging the call with an agent.

Tailored experience

Define the callback experience offered to customers based on business hours, holidays, or after hours.

Routing flexibility

Callbacks can be scheduled with a queue or agent skillset, or with a specific individual.

Digital callback

Register a callback from your brand’s on your website, chatbot, or mobile app.

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Offer customers the option to request an ASAP or Scheduled callback directly from a digital channel.


Use questions to map customer intents to the correct business unit to register an ASAP or Scheduled callback.


Collect intents and display links to additional channels and self service, like virtual assistants, chat bots, and web pages.

Callback double check

Automatically check a phone number to see if a callback is already scheduled before offering another one, alleviating repeat calls and abandonment.


Customers can interact with your brand by texting your toll free number.

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Two-way messaging

Customers engage in text conversations with agents or representatives.

Texting transitions

Customers can transition from voice to text or text to voice seamlessly and without losing context.


Agentless messaging automations look for keywords to trigger a workflow such as registering or canceling a callback.


Keep customers up to date on the status of their pending callback with SMS notifications. Your notifications can also include automation triggers.

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A confirmation text confirms a callback has been registered, regardless of whether the callback was registered via voice, digital, or SMS.


Fifteen minutes prior to the callback launch, the customer receives a text to remind them of their pending callback.

Successful follow-up

After the customer completes their callback, text a follow-up message that links to a survey, your social media, or other cross-selling options.

Unsuccessful follow-up

If the customer misses their callback and retries, give them the option to reschedule via text.


Track and visualize how customer interactions are handled in Mindful with historical and real-time reporting capabilities.

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Executive Summary

Bird’s eye view of Mindful performance for all call targets in your organization.


Real time and historical reporting on customer experience metrics such as punctuality and wait time.

Call detail

Access high-level breakdowns for all Mindful interactions, and drill down into individual interaction details.


The people at Mindful are what make our software so great. No matter where your brand is coming from, we’re ready to help you every step of the way.

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Whether your deployment is large or small, our Implementation team oversees every detail of the design and execution. The team leverages best practices and technical expertise to ensure a smooth implementation.

Business consultancy

When you need advice on how to achieve KPIs or overcome marketplace challenges, business consultants are here to help. Mindful business consultants are equipped with the strategies and experience to help you achieve your business objectives.

Customer success

We succeed when you succeed. Our Customer Success team empowers you with best practices, wellness data, and relentless advocacy to make sure you get the most out of your solution.


If you ever have a problem, the Support team is here for you 24/7, every day of the year. Our best-in-class support is equipped with the expertise and know-how to help you with any issues that may arise.

Training and education

Whether you’re looking for a high-level intro or feature deep dive, our Training team is ready to deliver a hands-on and engaging learning experience.


We can integrate Mindful into any major telephony or contact center infrastructure in a matter of days.

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Amazon Connect

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Genesys Cloud

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Genesys, Avaya, Cisco

Mindful integrates with nearly any telephony infrastructure, on-prem or cloud.