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Explore all the capabilities that make up Mindful’s best-in-class experience solution, trusted by the world’s biggest brands.


Mindful Scheduler enables customers to request a call in any channel—website, chatbot, mobile app—at a time that works best for both customer and brand. Improve CES with smooth handoffs, full journey tracking across all channels, and decreased handle time for agents.

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Make it easy for customers on your site to quickly request an immediate or scheduled callback.


Extend the option to request or schedule a call—without picking up a phone—across digital channels by deploying easy-to-configure embeddable widgets. Mindful Scheduler can also be placed into custom deployments by integrating with secure API endpoints.


Offer a customizable dropdown before scheduling to gather context and guide customers smoothly to the exact area they require help with.


Guide customers to the content they’re seeking or the action they need to take when situations don’t require an agent’s assistance,

CSS customization

Embeddable widgets and intents can be visually modified to match brand guidelines anywhere they’re deployed.

Low-code deployment

Configure and deploy Mindful Scheduler widgets and intents in minutes by embedding generated HTML in your asset. Updates to the embedded call offerings can be made without having to update production HTML.


Mindful Callback is a virtual queue that allows customers to be called back instead of waiting on hold, drastically reducing wait time, freeing up infrastructure, and improving customer satisfaction.

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Reserve the callers’ place in line, set an expectation, and call them back when queue conditions are more favorable for the call center.


Let the caller decide when to receive their callback.

Customer first

Reach the caller first, so the agent’s not idle while waiting for the caller to engage.

Agent first

Reach the agent first before engaging the caller, eliminating the hold time for the caller on their callback.


Set up ASAP or scheduled callbacks for individuals.

Routing flexibility

Callbacks can be scheduled with a queue or agent skillset, or with a specific individual.

Callback double-check

Ensure callers aren’t flooding lines and tying up agents by limiting the number of callbacks a customer can schedule.


Intelligently handle callback volumes and caller experience when the call center is approaching closing time.

Tailored experience

Define the callback experience offered to customers based on business hours, holidays, or after hours, giving the contact center precise control.

Second chance callback

Offer callers in queue another opportunity to select a callback.

International support

Offer local voice callbacks in several worldwide locations and languages.

Smart rules

Dynamically adjust treatment and handling of callbacks.


Mindful Handoff is a collection of SMS and chat capabilities to collect intent and easily deflect to self-serve options while queueing callers, lowering call volume, and drastically reducing cost-to-resolution.

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Text-based transitions

Customers can transition from voice to text or text to voice seamlessly and without losing context.


Keep customers up to date on the status of their pending callback with four automatic SMS-based notifications: confirm, remind, successful follow-up, and unsuccessful follow-up.

Two-way messaging

Engage customers in text conversations with agents or representatives.


Build agentless messaging automations to look for keywords that trigger workflows such as registering or canceling a callback.


Mindful Feedback is a voice of customer solution built for contact centers to collect real-time, actionable feedback insights from customers and act instantly on interactions to improve metrics like NPS, CSAT, and CES.

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Automatic post-call surveys

Automatically transfer customers to a survey after a call, or seamlessly deploy post-contact survey requests via email, voice, SMS, or web.

Real-time reporting

See up-to-date customer feedback information as the dashboard continuously updates in real time.

Advanced reporting

Categorize survey interactions by contact center meta-data to uncover meaningful insights based on survey results. Perform Cross-Tabulation Analysis, case management, KPI tracking, and more.

Language support

Mindful Feedback supports over 130 languages when conducting surveys.

Word flagging

Identify and track keywords important to your business or take immediate action when a customer mentions a keyword.

Dynamic survey design

Use contact center metadata or previous survey responses to change the flow of your survey dynamically: Ask a follow-up question for unhappy customers, show a Google Review link for happy customers, or take any other conditional action.

Sentiment analysis

Mindful Feedback automatically analyzes sentiment on text-based survey responses, making it quick and easy to find the most relevant feedback.

Instant notifications

Whether you want to be notified in Teams, Slack, CCaaS, or some other platform, Mindful Feedback’s survey triggers can perform authenticated API requests or hit un-authenticated webhooks to ensure the right people see meaningful feedback instantly.

Role-based permissions

Use custom roles and permissions to allow granular access to Mindful Feedback’s features based on user types, or stick with preset roles specifically designed for the contact center environment.

Analytics and reporting

Mindful Insights, our robust analytics and reporting suite, tracks and visualizes how customer interactions are handled, to give organizations data-driven insight into performance and the complete customer experience.

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Executive Summary

A one-click overview of Mindful performance data points for your organization, including overall metrics and a breakdown into call target statistics.


Providing key performance stats, this real-time and historic view of customer experiences for a summary outlook into the operations of Mindful Callback.

Call detail

Analyze each callback conversation in this historic and real-time breakdown of every callback interaction.

Callback status

View a holistic, real-time snapshot of your Callback implementation, broken down by call target. Explore metrics related to pending callbacks, waitlisted calls, active calls, queued calls, and more.


Real-time and historical APIs allows clients to connect Mindful Callback data to in-house applications for use in contact center dashboards or wallboards.


The people at Mindful are what make our software so great. No matter where your brand is coming from, we’re ready to help you every step of the way.

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Whether your deployment is large or small, our Implementation team oversees every detail of the design and execution. The team leverages best practices and technical expertise to ensure a smooth implementation.

Business consultancy

When you need advice on how to achieve KPIs or overcome marketplace challenges, business consultants are here to help. Mindful business consultants are equipped with the strategies and experience to help you achieve your business objectives.

Customer success

We succeed when you succeed. Our Customer Success team empowers you with best practices, wellness data, and relentless advocacy to make sure you get the most out of your solution.


If you ever have a problem, the Support team is here for you 24/7, every day of the year. Our best-in-class support is equipped with the expertise and know-how to help you with any issues that may arise.

Training and education

Whether you’re looking for a high-level intro or feature deep dive, our Training team is ready to deliver a hands-on and engaging learning experience.


Mindful is platform- and vendor-agnostic, meaning we easily integrate with the CX platforms you already use in a matter of days, no matter the complexity of your contact center infrastructure.

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Amazon Connect

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Learn more about the Five9 integration.

Genesys Cloud

Learn more about the Genesys Cloud integration.

Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, Talkdesk, NICE inContact

Mindful integrates with nearly any telephony infrastructure, on-prem or cloud.

Slack, Microsoft Teams

Connect workplace collaboration software to Mindful Feedback and get instant notifications triggered by customer feedback scores and sentiments.

Salesforce, Zendesk

Collect feedback automatically after a case is closed.