About us

At Mindful, we’re passionate about people. After all, that’s ultimately what customer experience comes down to.


Who we are


We strive every single day to deliver the best solutions, service, and support to our clients, so they can operationally improve the experiences and lives of their employees, agents, and customers.

Our clients trust us because today’s customers expect nothing less than world-class experiences. The largest and fastest-growing brands understand this fact, putting the customer in control by delivering service when and where the customer desires.

We know that technology and people must work together to provide superior experiences. This means empowering and preparing agents as you would a personal shopper. Each customer touchpoint is a moment to build lifelong loyalty—which is why Mindful enables any brand to deliver on these customer-in-control expectations in days without replacing existing infrastructure or retraining agents.

It turns out putting the customer in control delivers measurable results beyond NPS. Mindful clients routinely see a 30% reduction in cost of service, 63% increase in first interaction resolution, and 35% reduction in repeated calls. All while boosting agent satisfaction, confidence, and productivity—eliminating the false trade-off between efficiency and effective customer engagement.

Mindful provides an essential ingredient for brands to unite technology and human interaction, ensuring every moment is effortless for the customer. The customer walks away feeling like the main character, while agents and brands stand as heroes.


Our history


For nearly three decades, Mindful has been the best-in-class provider of customer experience solutions, enabling over 300 of the world’s leading companies to improve their customer experience metrics, save money on customer interactions, and grow their reach to new customers.

In 1991, Mark J. Williams started his own company, Professional Services, Inc. (PSI), to provide call center outsourcing and consulting services. Here, Mark aimed to address problems that plagued the industry. In 1995, we formally developed our “Hang up and we’ll call you back when it’s your turn” approach. We patented the idea and coined the term “virtual queuing,” launching Virtual Hold Technology Solutions.

Since then, the industry has expanded and technology has advanced. After simplifying our name to VHT in 2018, we’ve evolved from a callback company into the leading provider of multi-experience solutions, addressing the customer and agent experience at every touchpoint.

In 2021, we acquired Survey Dynamix and added their real-time voice of customer solution (along with a fantastic team!) to the bench. This was a huge step forward in providing a total solution for enterprise brands and contact centers. Then, in March 2022, our transformation led us to rename Survey Dynamix to Mindful Feedback, rallying behind a name that signified the ethos we bring to our clients.

After aligning our name under Mindful, we joined the Medallia suite in the fall of 2022, bringing together signals and action like never before in CX.


Our behavioral values


Learn fast, learn together.

Our market moves fast, so we keep learning at pace with each other.

Show your work.

We share our ongoing progress and thoughts with each other and our clients.

Dig a little deeper.

Good enough is not enough. We don’t make assumptions—we investigate.

Measurement matters.

Understanding the results and gain of our work is essential.

Joe Tyrrell

Our leadership

Mindful is owned by Medallia, which is led by CEO Joe Tyrrell. Read more about Medallia’s leadership team.