Fade away the friction.

Mindful makes all the channels, touchpoints, and transitions fade away, so your customer gets something they didn’t think they could get: an easy answer. And they’ll remember that process, that one seamless experience, as a delightful moment with your brand.

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Collect and deliver info to make every step flow.


3-5% NPS growth

Improve Net Promoter Score by 3-5% within a couple weeks.

4.7% boost to FCR*

Improve first-contact resolution with smarter context and routing.

Reduce AHT ~2m

Lower handle times with context for agents.

4% reconnect lift*

Notifications improve chances of call reconnect.

*Stats recorded from enterprise contact center clients


Context and intent prepare every touchpoint.

Every experience a customer has with a brand leaves an impression. By making transitions for customers easier, you’ll see significant improvements in engagement and loyalty.


Few customer journeys are linear. With Mindful Handoff, they’re met with full context across every channel.

AI automations

Tie in collected context to AI for automated self-serve suggestions that remove customers from call queues.

Call notifications

Keep experiences moving by connecting notifications to calls, all tied to their real-time place in the queue.

Agent preparation

Collected context is delivered to the agent before connecting, allowing customers to be greeted with answers instead of questions.

Assure, ask, and answer.

Transform every customer interaction with three simple steps.

  1. When it’s clear a customer needs help, offer a call with Mindful Scheduler. Notifications from Mindful Handoff assure the customer that help is on the way.
  2. While queueing, ask for details about their questions using messaging automations, and analyze it with connected AI.
  3. Use the collected info to help the customer find their answer with AI-powered self-serve recommendations, or through a conversation with a prepared agent.
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Use context to drive empathy.

Customers hate repeating themselves. But with the right context, agents can greet every customer with a personalized conversation, and pick up right where they left off on their previous journey. And the results are great for everyone:

  • Improve handle times by skipping customer venting.
  • Improve first contact resolution by routing to the right agent the first time.
  • Customer never has to repeat themselves—one of the biggest complaints customers have (according to Zendesk)

The biggest benefit? Knowing where a customer is coming from means they get treated like people, not problems.

Image of a customer profile card.

Make messaging magic.

Be mindful on any platform. Mindful’s messaging gateway makes your handoffs across experiences available on any platform, including SMS, Facebook, What’s App, and Apple Business Chat. You can also bring your own messaging platform and connect everything to your AI, database, and contact center.

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Keep in touch to build relationship.

Notifications are table stakes. Whether you’re confirming, reminding, or following up from a call, customers seek assurance that they’re going to get help from your brand.

The best brands rely on Mindful Handoff for those premium touches, like being texted from the same number that dials the callback, and a follow-up to reschedule a missed call.

Image of happy woman with a text notification floating in front of her.

See it in action.

Get notified.

See what it’s like for customers to be notified after scheduling a call. Keep customers connected and offer seamless channel transitions.

  1. Text “Hello” to 330-777-2408. You’ll get an automated greeting. If you’d like to experience direct communication, contact us for a demo.
  2. Text “@callme” to use SMS for setting up a Mindful Callback experience.
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Mindful Handoff works best as a team.

Mindful Scheduler

After scheduling a call online, Mindful Handoff can collect more context using automations, offering AI-powered self-serve suggestions to solve easy problems quicker. Now a queued customer can find their answer and cancel their call, freeing up agents for high value interactions.

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Image of callback options over phone.

Mindful Callback

Mindful Callback is the original and best-in-class virtual hold solution for enterprise brands. And Mindful Handoff makes it a premier experience with notifications, confirming the call has been requested, reminding the customer of when the call is coming, and following up after the fact to make sure everything was resolved.

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Image of agent feedback over Slack window

Mindful Feedback

Connect your follow-ups to Mindful Feedback to collect experience feedback and make improvements in real time.

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See how we think.

Learn about how we approach omnichannel transitions and contextual service strategy in our resources.

Connect your experiences with Mindful Handoff.

A connected customer journey is more achievable than you might think. We’re already powering Fortune brands with these solutions, and we’d love to show you how it all comes together for your brand.