Dive into the details of every callback.

Visibility is everything in the contact center. Mindful Insights helps you see it all, from 30 thousand feet to microscopic details.

The perfect callback needs perfect insight.
Here’s both.

Go wide or drill down to see how callbacks are impacting your customers.


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#1: History. Real-time. All the time.

Mindful Insights showcases historical reporting alongside real-time callback analytics so you can visualize, measure, and track every single aspect of callback performance and operations.

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#2: Dive deeper into the numbers.

We’ve made it so simple to dynamically dive into a specific day and time or zoom out to understand holistically how Mindful is performing in your contact center.

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#3: Robust callback reports at any time.

With the ability to export and download reports on the spot or using the scheduled report delivery, you and your team have access to Mindful data right when you need it.


Explore what’s new with
Mindful Insights.


Report clearly on call volume, hold times, and more.


Callback Executive Summary

A high-level (and easily shareable) look into how a callback performs in a specific time range, breaking down usage, source, and outcomes.

Callback Usage

Dive into how and where Mindful is used in the callback space, highlighting relationships in usage to outcomes, volume across time, and breakdowns into call targets.

Callback Performance

Deeper, granular callback details to articulate behavior and engagement for callers, measure operational efficiencies, and identify tweaks and changes that need to be made for the best possible experience.

Conversation Overview

Visualize usage and consumption of conversations, including trends and breakdowns of how conversations are used, a timeline history, and predicted usage.

Messaging Usage

Visualize SMS notification usage, understand the relationship between notifications and callback, and articulate where and how you’re meeting customers in the messaging channel.

Audit Log

Overview of each manual and automated change made to your Mindful configuration within a selected date range.

Mindful API puts insights where you need it.


Populate your contact center’s wallboard.

See callback performance right in your contact center’s wallboard and merge callback data with any other analysis tools to enhance your contact center’s performance.

Add callback data right into BI tools.

Easily merge callback data with any other analysis tools your organization uses to enhance your contact center’s performance.

API documentation and resources at the ready.

Get a helpful starting point to see what’s possible with the Mindful API, including code samples, documentation, and reference material.

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Easy peasy procurement.

Mindful can be purchased through Genesys AppFoundry and AWS Marketplace, and can be found on the Twilio Marketplace and Five9 Marketplace.

You can always buy direct from the Mindful team, too!

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