Mindful for Government

Citizen mindfulness starts here.

Deliver a premier citizen engagement strategy while optimizing agency reporting, efficiency, and agent experience.

Delivering citizen services at the federal, state, and local levels is demanding. It’s not like helping someone return an online purchase—citizens need mission-critical answers to complex problems around healthcare benefits, student loans, financial assistance programs, and so much more.

And they require confidence when interacting with a governing agency. Which is why leading agencies lean on Mindful to deliver trust-building experiences at every touchpoint.

Mindful pairs satisfaction with efficiency.

Mindful’s omnichannel call scheduling technology puts your citizens in control when contacting government services, providing assurance that their needs will be met, while providing a seamless and freeing experience.
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Efficient Agents.
Happy Citizens.

Mindful aligns citizen and government service preferences with citizen-led call scheduling and virtual holding. With call scheduling across all channels, insight through robust analytics and dashboards, automated SMS notifications, and a premium experience that works seamlessly, Mindful creates more meaningful interactions between citizens and their government—for agencies of any size.

Deliver the most optimized citizen experience.

Skip the dreaded IVR! By giving citizens the ability to request a call from your site, chat, or phone tree, they’ll feel respected and in control. Whether it’s two minutes or two hours, everyone prefers free time over hold time.

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