Go from online to in line.

Once a customer has exhausted their research, they need a seamless way to reach an agent. Mindful Scheduler offers timing that’s right for both the customer and the brand, while sailing through call center complexities to smooth out peaks and lock in pacing.

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Meet customers,
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Augment AI

Assist agents and guide the digital self-service experience.

85% of customers escalate

 Meet 85% of customers* that escalate from chat to a live agent.

$50 million saved

Over $50 million saved in reduced telephony costs for clients.

0 peaks

Optimize workforce by lowering volume peaks.

*Stat from leading Fortune 100 retailer


A simply sophisticated call scheduler.

Connect customers to your contact center with an embedded scheduler widget.


Flexible call scheduling

Offer calls as soon as possible. Or schedule a date and time. Or both!

No-code deployment

Just drop a line into HTML and CSS and watch the magic.

Works on any digital medium

Place on web, chat, app, or any digital property.

Unlimited placements

Embed any number of widgets for any lines of business using Mindful.

Context is key. Now it’s transferred, too.

As digital experiences are tracked, Mindful carries this journey context over to voice endpoints.

  • Agents can see a customer’s digital journey and start a conversation knowing the customer’s needs.
  • CX and UX designers can track the customer across touchpoints to design better journeys.
  • Digital product owners can more accurately measure containment and resolution.
  • Marketers can attribute sales back to original source and tie revenue to the call center.
call scheduling metrics

Know what the customer needs with Intents.

Customers answer questions before scheduling a call to give the brand everything they need for an optimized call.

  • Automatically route a caller to higher or lower skilled agent based on the need.
  • Combine intent and context to arm your agents with everything they need to personalize each conversation.
  • Measure and test intent choices to inform self-serve or asset enhancements to alleviate intents with more traffic.

Connecticut Department of Labor used intents to improve self-serve options and route calls efficiently.

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intent dropdown

Give a smooth ride from schedule to reconnect.

Mindful’s state-of-the-art queueing ensures that calls are connected right on time, no matter what staffing or queue conditions look like. And scheduled calls are confirmed and reminded by SMS to make sure the customer gets reconnected.

Callback confirmation text where the customer cancels the callback

See it in action.

Start online.

Let customers schedule a call with you online—at a time that’s most convenient for you both.

Use the dropdown below to experience how a customer would schedule a call with you via your website.

Evolution of telephony from landlines to cellphones and digital scheduling

Mindful Scheduler works best as a team.

Image of callback options over phone.

Mindful Callback

Remove hold times in every experience when you use Scheduler with Callback. Allow customers to reschedule online or over voice, prepare agents with context from both channels, and eliminate repeat callers with callback double-check across both capabilities.

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Image of chat on laptop moving to text on phone

Mindful Handoff

Keep reconnects high with notifications from Mindful Handoff, like confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups. Mindful Handoff carries context from Scheduler to not only prepare agents, but to automate self-serve recommendations in collaboration with in-house AI.

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Image of agent feedback over Slack window

Mindful Feedback

Hear from customers in real time with Mindful Feedback. Since Mindful Scheduler is so easy to update, now you can act on customer feedback and update intent options, scheduling availability, and queue operations in minutes.

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See how we think.

Learn about how we approach online call scheduling strategy in our resources.

Bridge your digital and voice experiences with Mindful Scheduler.

We’ve deployed Mindful Scheduler for the biggest Fortune 10 brands, and we’d love to see how our call scheduling software can help you enhance attribution and evolve your experience.