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Once a customer has exhausted their research, they need a seamless way to reach an agent. Click-to-call with Mindful Scheduler offers timing that’s right for both the customer and the brand, while sailing through call center complexities to smooth out peaks and lock in pacing.

Here’s how it works.

Once a customer has exhausted their research, they need a seamless way to reach a brand. Mindful Scheduler lets you meet customers, guarantee a call, and prep your agents.

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#1: Offer digital-first solutions.

Customers are often looking to resolve their issues or find help online. Using click-to-call with Mindful Scheduler saves on telephony costs, optimizes your workforce, and offers customers timely resolutions.

Easy embedding Cost savings Multi-experience tracking

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#2: Gather context and details.

Let customers answer questions before scheduling a call to give the agent everything they need for successful conversation. See how Connecticut Department of Labor did it.

Agent prep Multi-experience tracking Context gathering

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#3: Confirm and connect.

Scheduled calls are confirmed and reminded by SMS to make sure the customer gets reconnected. These conversations can even lead to an automated resolution, removing the need for a call. Win-win!

Lower call volume Seamless transitions Improved deflection

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#4: Build trust for your brand.

Mindful’s queueing engine ensures that calls are connected right on time, no matter what staffing or queue conditions look like. You’ll exceed customer expectations every time.

State-of-the-art queuing Call pacing

See digital call scheduling in action.

Connect customers to your contact center with an embedded scheduler widget.


Flexible call scheduling

Offer calls as soon as possible. Or schedule a date and time. Or both!

No-code deployment

Just drop a line into HTML and CSS and watch the magic.

Works on any digital medium

Place on web, chat, app, or any digital property.

Unlimited placements

Embed any number of widgets for any lines of business using Mindful.

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Grow as you go.

With usage-based pricing, you can scale at a pace that makes sense for your brand.

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Easy peasy procurement.

Mindful can be purchased through Genesys AppFoundry and AWS Marketplace, and can be found on the Twilio Marketplace and Five9 Marketplace.

You can always buy direct from the Mindful team, too!

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