High Cost-to-Resolution


Callers with low-value concerns tie up agents and inflate cost-to-resolution.


Collect intent and deflect to self-serve options while queueing callers.


Lower call volume and quicker customer resolution.

Save big on operational budget and agent sanity.

Customers get answers quicker, agents deal with more worthwhile cases, while the brand cuts operational costs. It’s all possible with Mindful.

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Callers with simple needs take up expensive agent time.

Password resets. Update billing. Track a package. While simple in nature, these calls tie up infrastructure and agents, with charges racking up every minute. Meanwhile, customers with high value concerns are queuing—valuable time that may cause them to move on.

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Collect intent and deflect to self-service.

Customers may not want to self serve—maybe they’ve already tried. But when they’re guaranteed a callback, possibilities open up.

Whether they’ve entered your IVR and requested a callback, or they’ve gone online and scheduled a call, now Mindful Handoff can work on deflecting.

Here’s the process:

  1. The customer requests a call from the brand online or in the IVR and enters the Mindful Queue.
  2. Mindful Handoff sends the customer a message to collect more information— something like “For your billing issue, is it an issue with a card, address, or double charge?”
  3. The customer’s response is carried by Mindful to an AI platform to determine self service capabilities.
  4. Links and suggested steps are sent to the customer, allowing them to resolve their issue online.
  5. If it worked, the customer can cancel the call. If not, then the context and transcript are provided to the agent to pick up right where the customer left off.
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Happier customers, agents, and budgets.

Customers get their questions answered quicker and easier, building loyalty. Agents are prepped and ready to handle every call, keeping them engaged and productive. And budgets have never been happier, lowering call volume, abandons, and handle time.

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Lower costs with an intelligent deflection solution.

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