Mindful for Customer Service

Meaningful customer care every step of the way.

All it takes is one bad experience for more than 60% of customers to jump to a competitor. Only Mindful powers the most effective customer service strategies, tailored to meet your customers’ needs at every step of their journey.

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Meet customers wherever they need help.

Today, your customers begin to look for help on your site. Mindful Scheduler lets them schedule a call right from your site when it’s most convenient for them—and for your contact center. And Mindful carries the call context across every channel, making sure the agent is prepped and a personalized experience is queued up every time.

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Turn hold time into free time.

When customers need help, the last thing they want to do is be tethered to a phone. But what does a brand do when volumes rise, staffing dips, and demand can’t be met? Give callers the confidence of Mindful Callback. Now callers can hang up the phone, be notified when it’s their turn, and get their callback in an estimated time that’s near perfect.

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Don’t make it difficult to get the easy answer.

An omnichannel strategy is key, but the benefit of starting a conversation in any channel can turn into a challenge of moving to another for resolution.

Mindful Handoff makes all the channels, touchpoints, and transitions fade away, so your customer gets something they didn’t think they could get: an easy answer. No matter where they started their search for help, they’ll remember that one seamless experience as a delightful moment with your brand.

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Customer feedback you can act on.

Having a pulse on customer perception is critical to growth. Mindful Feedback helps you understand the true voice of your customer at any given moment, and proactively prevent negative experiences from happening again.

With post-call surveys delivered in any channel and results returned instantly, managers and agents can improve service, close the loop, and prevent problems from snowballing in a matter of minutes.

Image of a good customer review.

Agents love a Mindful workday.

The secret to great customer service is agent happiness. With Mindful, your customers aren’t stuck waiting on hold, so they join the call from a better place, meaning your agents are better prepared, have a more manageable queue volume, and handle fewer stressful interactions.

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Delight your customers with
world-class experiences.

With Mindful behind your customer support strategy, your customers are in control, give you higher NPS and CSAT scores, and show more patience when it gets busy. We’d love to show you how.