It’s always a smooth trip with Mindful.

In the air, on the ground, or in a bed, customers have complete control and get a luxury experience with Mindful.

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More bookings, less complaints, great memories.

When customers are unsure about a potential booking or need to fix an issue, Mindful prepares employees with context for a personalized and empathetic interaction that smooths concerns.

That agency touch for big brands

Consumers don’t just contact you when something’s wrong—they want confidence when considering a high value purchase. Mindful bridges self-serve journeys to agent experiences, building that confidence with context-equipped agents.

Perfect omnichannel

Mindful creates a connected experience across channels, so customers can get answers when and how they need. Context is collected and utilized to offer self-serve options and prepare agents for a personalized conversation.

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Personalized trips make booking sales boom.

Choosing between flights or hotel stays is incredibly overwhelming. But when Mindful Scheduler shows up in the flow and connects to an agent who’s prepped with context, concerns are quashed and sales skyrocket.

  • Chat escalation: After exhausting a chat, customers that have to dial an 800 number are signing up to start over. Mindful Scheduler connects both experiences, scheduling a call within the chat, and sending context to the agent before the call’s connected.
  • Call center travel agents: Unsure customers are likely to bounce and book with a different provider. Mindful Scheduler not only connects customers to a representative, but it does so when it’s best for both customer and brand, while turning your call center into a revenue driver.
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Less time on hold, more time relaxing.

The last thing you want to do is wait on hold when your trip is awry. Mindful Callback allows customers to skip the hold music and get a callback when it’s best for them—a luxury that helps make the most of a trip.

  • Improve NPS: Customers are bound to face obstacles. Allowing them to address those on their own terms lets them enjoy their travel without the problems getting in the way.
  • Lower overhead: Staffing to peaks is expensive. Putting customers on hold keeps the toll running. Mindful Callback overcomes both challenges while also enhancing the customer’s perception.
Image of a text message confirming a callback.

Meet your travelers—no matter the time, channel, or geo.

Asynchronous communication can be a traveler’s best friend. Mindful Handoff carries context across experiences, so customers with issues that started in messaging can be met with a call once they’re off the plane. And the employee will be ready for a quick, effective call.

  • Lower handle times: Use automations before a call to collect reservation information that can prepare the agent before the call’s even dialed.
  • Transition to relax: The last thing travelers want to do is sit on the phone. Mindful Handoff moves customers between chat or voice so they can send information when it suits them and stay notified for their call with a rep.
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Real-time feedback makes every experience improve.

Post-interaction surveys reveal the voice of the customer in real time, so you can fix problems before they snowball to other experiences and reward employees for exceptional service.

  • Proactive customer service: Travel brands are known by their customer service. So when something’s awry, you need real-time feedback delivered instantly via email, Slack, and Teams to address it immediately.
  • Improve survey completion: Mindful Feedback can solicit customer opinions in any channel instantly after an interaction, improving take rates and insight quality.
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Luxury experiences aren’t just for luxury brands.

Keep customers returning again and again with smooth bookings and service at every step. See how Mindful makes it happen in a demo.

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Mindful gives premier travel experiences for millions of customers.


Luxury experiences aren’t just for luxury brands.

Keep customers returning again and again with smooth bookings and service at every step. See how Mindful makes it happen in a demo.