Mindful integrates with Genesys Cloud.

Mindful’s total experience solution integrates right into your Genesys Cloud-powered contact center, so customers get more choice over how they interact with your brand, while you get detailed, real-time customer feedback in any channel.

When you need more than an out-of-the-box solution, we’re here to talk next steps.

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Integration at a glance

Intelligent callbacks

No disruption to agent workflows.

AppFoundry procurement

Consolidate purchasing and billing.

Customizable surveys

Use conversation variables from Genesys Cloud.

Connected details

Trace survey results to specific call details.



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Smooth out customer and agent journeys with intelligent callback.

With Mindful and Genesys Cloud, customers get the power of choice while searching for answers.

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Remove hold times in every experience.

Best-in-class virtual hold and click-to-call allow customers to schedule a call online or on IVR. Then, keep reconnects high with messaging confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups.

Max efficiency with customer-first callback.

Mindful’s customer-first setup removes agent idle time by dialing the caller first (agent-first dialing is also available).

Dial in the perfect pacing.

Accurate estimated wait time, call pacing, and queueing integrity make callbacks precise and never disrupt existing queues or agent workflows. Offerings can also be adjusted dynamically based on business hours, holidays, or after hours.

Eliminate repeat callers.

Duplicate callbacks are automatically blocked so you get a clear picture of volume.

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