Mindful integrates with Twilio.

Mindful is the evolution of VHT’s original game-changing callback technology, first introduced 25 years ago. Leveraging our proven customer-centric call scheduling, this approach has long been the industry model for both efficiency and effectiveness when managing customer contacts through voice.

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Advanced voice and digital callback including SMS notifications, analytics, and automation.


Flexible architecture

Twilio callback flow chart


What is callback, anyway?

Mindful callback flow chart

Common use cases


Experience drop-off

Offer a transition instead of a dead end.

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Long hold times

Reduce hold time and increase staffing capacity.

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High cost-to-resolution

Help customers solve simple problems.

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Illustration showing woman walking dog due to less hold time

Improve your customer experience.

  • Turn hold time into free time.
  • Queue integrity keeps your customers’ place in line.
  • Improve customer spirits and increase loyalty.

What does this mean for your call center?

  • Conquer those peaks! Keep call volume peaks from making staffing a struggle and customers stressed.
  • Configure it the way you like it. Adjust to your business needs and the other software platforms you are using.
Illustration showing flattening of call volume peaks


Technical capabilities



  • Rapid deployment with instant access to new features
  • Scalable and secure to support organizational growth
  • Gain valuable insight through dashboard reporting and KPIs.


  • Customer-first and agent-first callback strategies
  • Adaptable integrations and multi-tenant capabilities
  • Callback scheduling options
  • Leverage queue specific controls


  • Digital callback feature integration with pre-built widgets, API end-point readiness, and web/mobile/chat ready
  • Full messaging feature integration
  • Critical channel transitioning support


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We use an adaptable blend of automation and conversation through talk and text to help your customers be more successful.