Callback Solution Checklist For Your Contact Center

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Choose the best callback solution.

Avaya has CallBack Assist. Cisco sells Courtesy Callback. And every emerging CCaaS platform has their own callback checkbox to turn it on.

So why go with a separate provider when you can go with the all-in-one?

It’s a question worth asking. And with this checklist, you’ll have plenty of other questions to ask your callback provider to make sure you’re choosing a callback solution that enhances the customer experience, benefits the agent experience, and optimizes operational efficiency.

Whether you’re choosing a callback provider from scratch, or considering a feature built in to your cloud contact center platform, you’ll benefit from gaining insight into these categories.

Callback operations

Will it be easy to make real-time changes to your callback configuration? There’s no excuse for poor UI or clunky configuration. Ask these questions to reveal how intuitive and flexible the operations side will be.

Omnichannel support

With the majority of your customers starting on some form of digital asset, it’s no longer enough for a callback solution to live only in your voice channel. Can your new callback solution or CCaaS platform easily link your customers’ digital journey with their voice journey for a true end-to-end view? Or are you reinforcing the divide between digital and voice?

Reporting and analytics

Do you get actionable reporting, analytics, and insight into your call center activities and customer experience metrics? Even though many providers will give you a blanketed, “yes,” we have five pointed questions that will uncover how much you’ll really be able to learn from your callback journeys.

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