Fade away the friction.

Mindful makes all the channels, touchpoints, and transitions fade away, so your customer gets something they didn’t think they could get: an easy answer. And they’ll remember that process, that one seamless experience, as a delightful moment with your brand.

Here’s how it works.

Few tools can connect your channels, teams, and silos quite like Mindful Handoff can.

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#1: Tell them, “We got you.”

Customers are worried their questions won’t be answered. Use confirmations and reminders to put your customers at ease and give them the assurance that they’re going to get help from your brand.

Seamless transitions Lower call volume Context gathering

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#2: Avoid confusion, build trust.

It’s confusing to call one number, get a text from another, and get reconnected with a third. So Mindful uses the same number for dial in, notifications, and the reconnect, keeping customers familiar with your brand.

Premier customization Lower abandonment

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#3: Gather additional info.

Once customers are waiting for a callback, Mindful uses messaging to ask for details about their questions and analyze it with connected AI. This can lead to resolutions without a call, or prep the agent to show up with context needed for the call.

Improved deflection Agent prep

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#4: Help customers Marco.

With Mindful, context gets carried through so that agents can greet every customer with a personalized conversation. As a result, handle times and customer venting go down and NPS scores go up, because they’re treated as people, not problems.

Increased CSAT Higher NPS Lower handle times

See how context and intent are handed off.

Every experience a customer has with a brand leaves an impression. By making transitions for customers easier, you’ll see significant improvements in engagement and loyalty.



Few customer journeys are linear. With Mindful Handoff, they’re met with full context across every channel.

AI automations

Tie in collected context to AI for automated self-serve suggestions that remove customers from call queues.

Call notifications

Keep experiences moving by connecting notifications to calls, all tied to their real-time place in the queue.

Agent preparation

Collected context is delivered to the agent before connecting, allowing customers to be greeted with answers instead of questions.

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Grow as you go.

With usage-based pricing, you can scale at a pace that makes sense for your brand.

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Easy peasy procurement.

Mindful can be purchased through Genesys AppFoundry and AWS Marketplace, and can be found on the Twilio Marketplace and Five9 Marketplace.

You can always buy direct from the Mindful team, too!

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