Unlock the value of using Mindful in the cloud.

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Move to cloud software.

Mindful and all of its capabilities are available as a SaaS, cloud-based platform. Easy to implement and as powerful as ever.

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Move toward the future.

Implementing Mindful as a cloud platform for clients is our standard operating procedure moving forward.

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Transition with ease.

We’ll guide you through the transition from premise to cloud and make it feel seamless.

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Full platform—no more licenses.

All core capabilities are available from day one. Upgrades are included automatically, and no software upgrades are ever needed.

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Scale as you need it.

Start with 1 queue or 100—pricing scales with usage. No licenses, no restrictions, and no concerns about hardware.

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Implement quickly.

Technical implementation and onboarding generally takes a couple weeks instead of months (or even years). The learning curve is low and requires no in-house maintenance.

All the features you know and love, now with improved support and rapid implementation.

See the side-by-side comparison of Mindful versus your premise solution.



Go-live and implementation
 Two weeks on average
 Ten weeks on average
Server and infrastructure footprint
Zero footprint with hosting supported by VHT.
Requires multiple servers.
Built-in high availability
Separate license enablement and requires additional servers
Deployment upgrades and new feature access
Instant access with no software updates or upgrades.
Requires full software uninstall and new installation.

Features and functionality

Digital call scheduling

ASAP or scheduled calls from digital assets like web, chat, app

Native capability in Mindful.
Requires a separate user interface.
One-on-one callback
Supports callback scheduling based on calendar availablity.
Not supported.
Second chance callback
Supported natively.
Not supported.
SMS Notifications

Automated SMS messages centered around a call

Native capability in Mindful. Supports confirmation, reminder, and follow-ups for successful or unsuccessful calls.
Separate user interface and additional configuration needed. Successful callback follow-ups not supported.
Post-call survey
Not supported.
Text-to-call transition
Supported and configured by the VHT team.
Requires a professional services request and additional configuration.
Voice-to-text deflection
Native to Mindful.
Requires a professional services request and additional configuration.
Reporting and metrics
Real-time dashboard with metrics, call detail, historical reports, auditing reports in platform.
Supported with dashboard and exporting options.
Feature enablement
Instant access upon release.
Requires restarting system and additional licensing.

Marketplace and integrations

View all integrations.
Supports all cloud (and premise) CCaaS platforms, including Twilio Flex, Genesys Cloud, Amazon Connect, Five9, and others.
Requires restarting system and additional licensing.
Marketplace procurement
Available in AWS Marketplace, Five9 Marketplace, Genesys AppFoundry.
Not available.

Implementation timeline

The average installation time when converting to Mindful is just about a week. Compared to premise tech, this is lightyears faster, and never requires upgrade time from you (which used to take 20-60 hours).

No need to move through complicated and time consuming configurations or building services. Just choose the features you want in the platform—adding more later is easy.

Illustration of rocket launching business growth and launch savings
Illustration showing what


Mindful is a subscription SaaS platform with usage-based billing. The interactions scale with the needs of your business rather than having to purchase licenses based on your highest expected usage. This means you get to pay for what you use, making it more predictable, scalable, and economical.

To learn more, request our pricing guide.

Get a tour of Mindful.

To get a better idea of what Mindful is like, check out these videos and walk-throughs:

What about feature parity?

How do current entitlements translate to Mindful (PTK, CBaaS, QueueManager)?

With Mindful, VHT is carefully transitioning platform components into SaaS capabilities. Not all legacy component names have direct mapping to new capabilities, but there are a few that we are carefully ensuring consistency across:


PTK—Platform Toolkit was an on-premise, un-scaled SOAP API service for access to callback functions. We are working to enable robust API access that supersedes PTK capabilities.

Notifications Suite—This was an on-premise custom asset that allowed for the sending of SMS notifications to customers to confirm and remind leading to a callback. This is now an inherent part of Mindful’s platform.

High availability—On-premise solutions need to have redundancy and high availability supported redundant Primary:Backup nodes of premise callback.


Digital—Consists of horizontally scaled REST API endpoints and digital low-code widgets that are designed to be effortlessly placed in web, mobile, and virtual assistant assets.

SaaS notifications—Leverage VHT’s carrier-grade SMS infrastructure to deliver robust notifications to confirm, remind, and follow up. These notifications also support two-way automation to request a call, a survey, or cancel.

Modern scaling—Mindful doesn’t have a corresponding “backup node” because the solution auto-scales to demand and bypasses inoperable components dynamically.



Why do I need to move to Mindful to continue using what I have?

Our goal is to work with the brands we support in the most non-disruptive way and align to their business and technical strategy. We listened to the feedback of clients over the past years and introduced Mindful to account for customer needs. As such, Mindful is faster to deploy, automatically updates, is easier to use, and drives all of the same benefits customers have come to expect from VHT.

What if I already have a written provider? (i.e. I don’t want your additional features)

Mindful is non-disruptive to your existing technology strategies.It’s designed to support interactions—written or voice. VHT is focused on a non-disruptive technology strategy that allows you to interoperate with your existing written communication vendor while continuing to scale your voice solutions.

I have a call-deflection strategy—how does VHT help with this?

Mindful by VHT supports Voice-to-Text (human or automation), Text-to-Voice, and Text conversations natively. VHT has strategies to drive outcomes such as:

  • “Too much volume and we just can’t call everyone back.”
  • Deflect simple tasks to self serve via text.
  • Push callers to a web-based virtual assistant / chatbot.

If I’m in the middle of an annual contract and convert now, what happens?

VHT can offer you credit for the unused portion of your current contract to be used toward an updated Mindful contract.

What happens to the licenses I already bought?

If you have VHT licenses that were previously purchased, these can be converted to a subscription plan. The unit of measure for the Mindful platform is a conversation. VHT will work with you to ensure your conversations are scaled appropriately to match the needs addressed in your current licenses.

What is the Mindful platform uptime and service availability?

There’s no need to restart QM to accept changes. With Mindful, concepts like failover, restarts, and other general premise limitations have all been removed. Additionally, Mindful has resilient technology based on distributed facilities globally. Plus we offer transparent access to service availability at vhtcx.com/status.

What if I need a feature added to the premise solution?

VHT will no longer be adding new features or capabilities to the on-premise solution. With Mindful, clients do not have to upgrade to get new features, as they are automatically implemented for all users through the platform. No contract conversations—just check the box and start using it.

I’m moving to a cloud platform for my telephony needs. Do you have an integration with my new cloud-based platform?

If you’re moving to telephony system or CCaaS, read about our integrations with Five9, Amazon Connect, Twilio, Genesys Cloud, and more.