Product Spotlight: See What’s New in Mindful [Fall 2023]

by Miles Price
 • October 11, 2023
 • 5 min to read

Greetings! Maybe you joined us for our Kind By Design product event back in June when we launched a ton of massive updates to the Mindful platform? (It’s totally okay if you need to watch a refresher 😊 ). As a result of all that critical and foundational work we did to strengthen the platform, we’re now able to get you new features in Mindful faster than ever before.

This summer, we’ve hunkered down to deliver on the promise of building and launching quickly and often, and just a few short months later, we’ve got a ton of new features ready for you. From Smart Rules, playback enhancements, and callback flexibility options, these new features will transform the caller experience and improve your contact center operations. Let’s dig in!

Offer a more flexible, thoughtful caller experience.

Giving your customers the ability to choose a callback is wonderful (we’re biased, it’s our bread and butter), but we know one way is not always the right way. With today’s release, you have more flexible options on what type of experience your callers get when they call into the IVR.

  • Scheduled callback only: lets callers register a callback at a scheduled day and time
  • ASAP callback only: lets callers register to receive a callback as soon as possible
  • SMS-based messaging intercept only: deflects the caller to register the callback via SMS
  • Choose to hold: continue to wait on hold (second-chance callback is also still an option)

You can enable any one of these, or, for the most flexibility, any combination of these (with ASAP callback disabled).

That’s not all! We’ve thought about what callers experience as they’re registering and receiving their callback, so we’ve added 2 new features to Mindful Callback:

  • ECBT (Estimated Callback Time) Announcement Options (DTMF): It’s crucial to let customers know when to expect a callback so they won’t be left wondering. You can now set a timeframe that works best for your clients, such as a minimum or maximum wait time. That way, they won’t have to worry about waiting for too long or not long enough.
  • Play recorded name back to caller (DTMF and Speech): You can enable the option for clients’ to record their own name and have that played back to them as they receive their callback. This is a great option to validate the correct caller is on the line for the callback, and provides reassurance to your customers that the call is legitimate.

More controls to prevent duplicate callers with callback double-check

Callback double-check ensures callers aren’t flooding lines and tying up agents by limiting the number of callbacks a customer can schedule. Historically, this has been an always-on feature across all of your call targets.

Now, contact centers can choose where callback double-check is engaged: either globally at the client level or local to the call targets. On top of that, each call target now has an option to enable or disable callback double-check.

When enabled, callback double-check applies to all calls, no matter what type of callback (Scheduled or ASAP) or channel (voice or Scheduler) they’re in.

Make your contact center work smarter with Smart Rules.

When Mindful Callback is tuned right, your contact center has never looked so good. And to keep efficiency high, you need it dialed in to specifics.

Smart Rules puts this precision on a schedule, so you can adjust and customize more than 40 different callback settings to dictate exactly when a callback should or shouldn’t be offered—perfect for contact centers balancing shift changes, unexpected spikes in call volume, or end of day schedules.

Smart Rules was previously released in beta, and it’s now available for all Mindful clients.

Deliver an incredible experience at the end of the day, after hours, or days out.

Three new scheduling options are available to make sure you’re offering the best possible experience when agents are winding down, closed down for the night or holidays, or looking toward the days ahead.

  • Offer scheduled callback at the end of the day: Callers have the ability to schedule callbacks for a future day and time, not just for the next day.
  • Offer scheduled callback via SMS (widget) during after hours: If scheduling is enabled during the After Hours menu, currently the only way to schedule a callback is through voice. Extending the widget scheduling capabilities to this area of the voice flow will provide a consistent experience and make the caller experience better.
  • Offer scheduled callback via SMS using the widget’s Days Out setting: Offer the option to allow callers to schedule their callback via SMS days out, even when timeslots are filled for the next 7 days.

Other updates:

  • We’ve refreshed the Call Target Configuration page UI, introduced a brand new search and regrouped the sections into easy-to-navigate accordions.
  • Turn metadata on/off gives users the ability to control which outbound leg of the call to present the metadata to for all metadata types, or to disable sending the metadata without having to delete the metadata.
  • Send UUI metadata with SIP REFER now allows for the call context User to User Information (or UUI) to be returned with the call back to the contact center when callers choose to remain on hold
  • Mindful Callback now stores ECBT calculated for all calls—callers choosing to hold and incomplete callback registrations—as well as callbacks.
  • Allow dynamic widget links in SMS-based messages lets you include a personalized Scheduler or personalized Intent link with any of Mindful’s default transition-to-text or notification messages.

That’s a wrap…for now.

By no stretch is this a light release, and we’re not stopping here. Coming quickly on the roadmap are brand new endpoints to the Mindful API (get a refresher on Mindful Developer Experience, which we dropped at Kind by Design in June) as well as new outcome-based callback webhooks. More on that later.

If you’re a Mindful client and want a deeper dive into anything you’ve seen here, get in touch with your Mindful Client Success Manager! If you’re new to Mindful and want to learn more, let’s have a chat!

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