We’ve Integrated Mindful with Amazon Connect to Advance Customer Satisfaction

by Mindful
 • February 17, 2021
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February 17, 2021 — In a digital age in the era of lockdowns and WFH, the world of contact centers is rapidly moving toward online, cloud-based solutions. And even though you’re likely well aware of that fact, it’s the contextual setup for today’s exciting announcement:

VHT has integrated our Mindful platform with Amazon Connect to enhance and humanize the customer experience for contact centers around the world.

As someone who works in the contact center landscape, you know how important the experience is to your customers—and agents. Bringing Mindful to the AWS Marketplace and Amazon Connect means big steps in the right direction:

  • Breeze through procurement by purchasing Mindful through the AWS Marketplace.
  • Consolidate billing, budgets, and fiscal reporting by keeping your telephony packages together.
  • Deploy in a matter of days.
  • Implement Amazon Connect’s cloud contact center and utilize VHT’s industry-leading Callback and customer experience technology.

In December, the Connecticut Department of Labor experienced record-high call volume and needed a solution fast. They utilized both the Amazon Connect integration with Mindful and the AWS Marketplace to purchase and get Mindful up and running in just one week. Leading into their busy season, the implementation gave them immediate relief and provided their customers with a premier customer experience.

The move to cloud plus the integration of Mindful can be a game-changing shift for your brand experience—a shift not only through tech infrastructure, but also by putting your customer in control.

You can see the press release below to read the official announcement. You can learn more about the integration on our Amazon Connect page.



VHT to Bring Cloud-based Contact Center Capabilities to Global Enterprises

VHT will Integrate and Offer Amazon Connect with its Mindful Platform to Cost-effectively Enhance the Contact Center Customer Experience

AKRON, OHIO – FEBRUARY, 17, 2021VHT, a leading provider of customer in control software, today announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide brands with access to cloud-based Callback and notification capabilities via its Mindful platform. Mindful is an enterprise-grade, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform built on AWS, designed to enable customers to seamlessly transition between talk and text. Through this collaboration, VHT will leverage Amazon Connect to help brands create more meaningful customer experiences and improve customer satisfaction for contact center customers globally.

“With many enterprises focused on improving the contact center customer experience, the transition to cloud-based contact centers has accelerated,” said Matt DiMaria, CEO, VHT. “We’re excited to be working with AWS to help enterprises improve and enhance their customer experience by making contact center interactions faster, more convenient, and productive.”

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, VHT will support existing clients, as well as expand its client and partner reach through AWS Marketplace by participating in joint sales and marketing initiatives with AWS.

“We are delighted to support VHT in building solutions on AWS to improve and enhance the contact center experience,” said Sabina Joseph, GM, Americas Technology Partners, AWS. “With this integration, customers can quickly realize the benefits of VHT’s integration with Amazon Connect, through the ease of use of a SaaS offering and the scalability and reliability provided by AWS.”

Integrating Mindful with Amazon Connect

VHT’s mission is to provide customers with the best communication engagement experience possible and its integration with Amazon Connect enables it to take this a step further. Amazon Connect is an easy to use omnichannel cloud contact center that helps companies provide superior customer service at a lower cost. This new integration is designed to make it easy for organizations to deliver better customer service, increase net promoter score (NPS), and improve agent efficiency at a lower cost. Agents will have access to customer information from across channels including email, chat, messaging, and phone all in one centralized view helping to reduce resolution time and improve customer interactions.

“Our agency was facing an unprecedented increase in call volume related to COVID-19, so we knew we had to quickly implement a fully productized solution that integrated with Amazon Connect to eliminate hold times and improve our customer experience,” said Amer Khan, Director at the State of Connecticut. “We were delighted to learn that through our partnership with Strategic Communications, who manages all the AWS spend for our agency, we could purchase VHT Mindful through AWS Marketplace to streamline the ordering process which saved us months, and gave us the ability to go live in days.”

Blake Kelly, Cloud Account Executive with Strategic Communications said, “We knew the DOL had to go live by year-end, so we worked hand in hand with the DOL, AWS Marketplace, and VHT team to justify cost-to-benefit analysis. We then quickly processed the order to implement Mindful on Amazon Connect within just one week一just in time for the start of the DOL’s busy season.”

Matt DiMaria, CEO, VHT added, “The Mindful integration with Amazon Connect, one of the fastest-growing cloud-based contact center platforms in the industry, will deliver a premier experience for brands. It provides Amazon Connect customers with access to Mindful’s proprietary Callback technology as well as our unique capabilities with seamless transitioning from talk to text.”

For more information about VHT’s Mindful platform integration with Amazon Connect, visit here.


About VHT

For over two decades, VHT, formerly Virtual Hold Technology, has been the world’s #1 provider of callback software and services, enabling over 300 of the world’s leading companies to improve their customer experience metrics, save money on customer interactions, and grow their reach to new customers. In 1995, the company formally developed its “Hang up and we’ll call you back when it’s your turn” approach. VHT patented the idea and coined the term “virtual queuing.” Only VHT Callback saved the caller’s place in line and called them back when it was their turn, maintaining full customer experience integrity. Today, the industry has expanded, technology has advanced, and VHT has transformed from a callback company into a company focused on successful customer interactions. Learn more https://www.vhtcx.com/.

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