Survey Dynamix Is Now Mindful Feedback

by Matt DiMaria
 • March 23, 2022
 • 3 min to read

Mindful is growing.

We’re dedicated to empowering brands to provide great experiences that meet customer, agent, and company preferences. We take pride seeing our clients evolve, creating journeys that are mindful of customers and agents.

Last fall, our focus on the total experience led us to acquire Survey Dynamix, a real-time voice of customer solution designed specifically for the call center. Their solution and team have fit right in with ours since day one—making it an easy and exciting decision to bring them under the Mindful brand.

Survey Dynamix has been renamed to Mindful Feedback, rounding out Mindful’s capabilities to meet the customer at any point in their journey.

I’m eager to share such an amazing solution with you and see where your brand can take it. We’ve issued a press release today that provides more information.

Matt DiMaria

Survey Dynamix Renamed to Mindful Feedback, Part of Mindful’s Total Experience Solution

Real-time voice of customer solution Survey Dynamix renamed to Mindful Feedback to broaden Mindful’s customer-centric capabilities.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — March 24, 2022: VHT, providers of premier customer experience solution Mindful, has renamed Survey Dynamix to Mindful Feedback, bringing the recently acquired voice of customer solution into alignment with its industry-leading platform. Since acquiring Survey Dynamix in October 2021, both teams have collaborated on combined client solutions that will now be presented and sold within the Mindful brand.

Mindful Feedback is now available alongside Mindful’s core capabilities of voice callback, online scheduling, and channel transitions and handoffs, bringing real-time voice of customer and survey capabilities to enterprise brands.

“When we talk to organizations about crafting a mindful brand experience, we know that starts with the customer, extends to the agent, and aligns with the brand,” said Matt DiMaria, CEO of VHT. “Our premier callback platform and over 25 years of CX expertise pioneered this focus, and now Mindful Feedback will strengthen the link between the customer, the agent, and the brand.”

Formerly Survey Dynamix, Mindful Feedback is engineered to integrate seamlessly into the contact center tech stack, collecting real-time feedback immediately after an interaction. This granular level of customer insight is instantly shared with stakeholders, from agents up to executives, giving customer experience teams a chance to close the loop, resolve operational inefficiencies, and train or reward agents.

“Brands often view the customer experience as a tradeoff between consumer preferences and operational efficiency, but Mindful has been creating premier experiences across channels that align consumer and business needs. While core capabilities like Mindful Callback and Mindful Scheduler have been allowing businesses to give customers control while creating predictable call volume and tracking user intent, Mindful Feedback now layers on customer and agent insights to move with agility and hone the customer experience even further,” added DiMaria.

Mindful Feedback is available to purchase through the Genesys AppFoundry and AWS Marketplace, and is integrated with Twilio Flex, Five9, Amazon Connect, and other leading CCaaS providers. Learn more about features and functionality of Mindful Feedback on the Mindful site, where you can also explore Mindful’s other capabilities.


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