Maximizing customer success.

Agent looking at charts to help the customer

We believe the more successful your customers are, the more successful you are. It may not be easy, but it is simple.

At Mindful we maximize customer success through an adaptable blend of automation and conversation to form stronger relationships between customers and brands.

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Agent looking at charts to help customers
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We’ll start with the basics.

It should go without saying, but just in case you need to see it in writing: We meet industry specifications for reliability and compliance. Of course we do; we’ve been in business for 25 years.

Our callback technology and services have been making our clients more efficient to lower costs since we began.

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Checklist of VHT meeting all the basics


Then, we’ll give you a boost.

We transform interactions with your customers to do more than make them satisfied; we help make them more contented. And, we’ve proven this raises NPS scores for our clients. This is where it gets exciting: not only do we want to benefit your bottom line, we’ll also grow your top line by positioning you to expand your reach.

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We’ll be working along with you.

This is the beauty of our Software and a Service model (see what we did there). Our technology platform is just the tools we use. We really get to work by continually planning strategically with you. We’ll lead you to the right innovation offerings while building relationships with your marketing, customer experience, business growth and IT teams.

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Agents working along with customers


So you can breathe easy.

Continually connecting with customers where they are is hard. That’s why we make sure working with Mindful decreases hassles so you can reduce the time and effort needed to respond to your customers’ needs.

Our platform pricing won’t nickel and dime you with obscured fees. As a subscriber to our Mindful Platform you get all our services all the time. And, we’re always ready to adapt to your changing needs with fluid shifts of our platform offerings.

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Illustration of the ease of working with VHT

Better for brands.
Better for customers.


We use an adaptable blend of automation and conversation through talk and text to help your customers be more successful.

Become better with Mindful