Understanding Customer Perception

Illustration of customer perception


Understanding how your customers perceive your brand is more than just CSAT and NPS surveys. It’s a complex set of viewpoints and experiences. We developed this eBook to give you a deeper understanding about some of the factors that affect how your customers think about your brand. It can seem overwhelming, but our eBook breaks it down for you.

What you’ll learn

Learn about how Behavioral Economics activities affect your brand image. We’ll go over concepts like the Peak-end Rule, the Affect Heuristic, and the Sunk Cost Fallacy. Even though it might seem a bit in the weeds, we’ll break down these complex concepts into actionable insights for you to immediately apply to your customer experience strategy.

Dive into what affects how customers perceive you. We’ll look at event sequencing, duration effects, and common customer rationalizations. Because it’s not enough to aim for “good” customer experience—you have to understand how humans perceive certain actions to get to an objective point of view.

Explore how to manage your customer contact encounters. Keep your interactions efficient and effective, and even create spontaneous moments of delight. This is where the rubber meets the road, and we’ll help you turn thoughts into steps.

Check out what’s inside.

Here’s a peek at a few pages out of the book.

Image of Ebook Page
Image of Ebook Page
Image of Ebook Page

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