Announcing the COVID-19 Assistance Program (VCAP)

by Mindful
 • March 17, 2020
 • 3 min to read
Update: This program is no longer available.


Program offers healthcare and critical service providers technology and services at no cost for 30-days to assist with increased call volumes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic 


AKRON, OH – VHT, a leading solutions provider to large contact centers, today announced the VHT COVID-19 Assistance Program (VCAP) to provide immediate relief to healthcare and other critical service providers experiencing very high volumes of inbound calls from the public. VCAP enables providers to transition callers with non-critical service or information requests to SMS text messaging, a designated website landing page or receive a callback from a live agent as soon as one is available. VCAP increases provider agent capacity to handle more urgent calls.

“We realize we have an important contribution to make enabling healthcare and critical service providers to get people the help they need at this time of great uncertainty,” said Matt DiMaria, CEO of VHT. “We are starting out by donating 30-days of VCAP services at no-charge and will continue to monitor the needs of program participants as the situation evolves,” said DiMaria.

VCAP relies on the VHT Mindful SaaS platform, which can be enabled for a provider within 24-hours of their application for the program being accepted. VCAP includes:

  • Offering callers a callback as soon as a live agent is available or deflection to text messaging during periods of high call volume;
  • Automated responses upon initial engagements initiated through text messaging;
  • Installation of a low-code widget on a Website or mobile application to allow consumers and the general public to schedule a call through a simple form submission with set up times as low as 20-minutes;
  • Two-way messaging portal for remote agents to engage with customers through SMS text messaging for those contacting the organizations.

VHT’s Mindful SaaS platform services can be easily enabled on existing service provider phone numbers to help people seeking information or services such as COVID-19 testing, school and other organization closures, or other non-emergency issues that may not be related to the pandemic. The Mindful platform can also enable callers to “self-serve” by directing them to relevant information on designated web pages.

“Timely and accurate communication is vital in times of crisis, and we know many service providers are struggling to keep up with the volume of requests understandably being generated by the public. We believe our solution can play an important role in responding to this challenge, and we are ready to do our part”, says DiMaria.

VHT is ready to help during this crisis at no cost to organizations assisting with the COVID-19 response efforts. To understand if your organization qualifies, please contact VHT through their website or through a simple web form at VHT will be prioritizing those with the most critical needs first.


About VHT

For over two decades, VHT, formerly Virtual Hold Technology, has been the world’s #1 provider of callback software and services, enabling over 300 of the world’s leading companies to improve their customer experience metrics, enable effective customer interactions, and grow their reach to new customers. In 1995, the company formally developed its “Hang up and we’ll call you back when it’s your turn” approach. VHT patented the idea and coined the term “virtual queuing.” Only VHT Callback saved the caller’s place in line and called them back when it was their turn, maintaining full customer experience integrity. Today, the industry has expanded, technology has advanced, and VHT has transformed from a callback company into a company focused on successful customer interactions.

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