2022 Contact Center Trends Webinar

Hear from CTOs, Heads of Digital, and use cases to see how these trends will impact your brand.

Let’s get trendy.

As businesses and customer lives start to normalize since the pandemic began, five call center trends have emerged and are shaping the industry for 2022.

  1. Omnichannel support has become the standard that customers expect.
  2. Call volumes have continued to rise, so contact centers are thinking beyond voice.
  3. Remote work has given agents more control over how and where they work.
  4. Contact centers have become revenue drivers.
  5. Contact centers have adopted AI to improve efficiency.

These trends affect all areas of your contact center: your tools, employees, processes, and customers. They’ll help you strategize how to streamline and improve contact center operations, so you can provide a fast, efficient, and modern support experience for your customers.

Join us to hear from CTOs, Heads of Digital, and see real use cases to demonstrate how these trends will impact your brand in 2022.

Original air date: March 10, 2022.


Jeremy Starcher
Head of Business Development


Jay Power
Head of Solution Architecture and Engineering


Jared Evers
Director of Content and Communication

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