Break Down Silos and Truly Close the Loop with Real-time Feedback

There's no pointing fingers when priorities come straight from your customers.

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Your customers are eager to tell you what’s right and wrong about your brand’s experiences. But for most enterprises, this voice of customer feedback can get buried in overarching dashboards, stuck with other teams, or expired due to time—all because of the wrong tools.

It’s no surprise that real-time contact center feedback has the power to revolutionize how your brand’s operations. So we’ll explore how to tackle these obstacles and implement a solution that can:

  • Collect real-time feedback over a variety of channels.
  • Deliver instant notifications to contact center members.
  • Report on both big picture and detailed metrics.
  • Improve your CX operations day-to-day.

Meet the speakers.


Meghan Hussey

Senior Client Success Manager

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Jared Evers

Director of Content & Communication

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