How To Build Channel-Inclusive Digital Experiences

Explore what happens when digital experiences break down and how to save the day for your customer.

Year after year, brands continue to pour more resources into enhancing digital channels and offerings. We know digital experiences are easiest to scale and maintain—but your customers immediately recognize when it’s not perfect.

What do customers do when a digital experience breaks down? When they reach a dead end?

In this webinar, resident Head of Business Development Jeremy Starcher joins host Katrina Taylor, Head of User Experience and Product Design at Armoire, and hosting partner CMSWire, to cover the current era of digital, what experiences look like at their best, and how forward-thinking brands can meet customers when journeys break down. You’ll learn how to turn journey failures into loyalty-inspiring and revenue-generating experiences.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Uncover the value of connected channels and a true omnichannel integration.
  • Explore why customer experience improvements are better for customer, brands, and budgets.
  • Discover modern approaches to CX that meet customers wherever they are.


Hosting Partner



Katrina Taylor

Head of User Experience and Product Design


Jeremy Starcher

Head of Business Development
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