Perfect passenger flow.

  • ProblemUnpredictable volume and long lines makes socially distanced airport queuing impossible.
  • SolutionPre-scheduled security appointments and SMS flows let passengers wait in line from anywhere.
  • ResultsSafe, fluid experience for passengers, and predictable queue management for airports.


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No one likes waiting in line.

With six feet required between parties, airport queues quickly become labyrinths. But with a virtual queue, passengers can wait comfortably from home or anywhere on site, and security screening becomes an efficient, relaxed, and predictable experience.

Airport passenger experience flow chart


Schedule online and create a predictable flow.

Passengers already check in for flights online—now they can check in for security screening, too. Creating an appointment lets them wait comfortably for the spot and promises a smooth, predictable experience when they reach the airport.

Preview of the scheduling process in Mindful


Text to waitlist. Relax for takeoff.

Those without a screening appointment can show up, scan a QR at the checkpoint entry, and get texted into a virtual queue. When it’s their turn, they’ll get a message to enter a manageable line.


Text to the passenger that says, "It


Answers to the queueing questions you’ve always had.

Virtual queueing is the best experience for your passengers. But it’s loaded with other perks and data points—now reporting in your queueing cockpit.

Mindful metrics example showing that 572 people went through screening at 12:45 p.m.

Point out passenger peaks.

Want to know how many people queued at 4 p.m. yesterday? See real-time flow and even out your peaks and valleys for max workforce efficiency.

Mindful metrics showing average wait for security screening at 10 a.m.

Track the ETA of TSA.

With a virtual queue to track security line progress, you can see how many travelers were screened in specific timeframes so you can staff up or adjust expected wait times.

Mindful metrics example

Operational efficiency, now boarding.

Detailed data makes for intelligent decisions. Viewing your passengers’ movements through your airport digitally lets you analyze from a variety of perspectives to enhance every step of the process.


Reach your destination with support from decades of experience.

Implementing an airport virtual queue is no small feat. Collaboration with airport and carrier stakeholders is essential, so our team is on the ground with you throughout the process, making sure all the details are accounted for.

See how we work

People accounting for all details of airport implementation

Better for travelers. Better for airports.

Airport benefits

Anticipate traveler volume.

Smooth out peaks.

Maximize space efficiency.

Deliver a predictable experience.

Traveler benefits

Anticipate your security experience.

Wait from anywhere.

Stand in line for less time.

Enjoy your airport experience.

A smooth experience makes flight the top traveler choice. Again and again.

We’d love to show you how other airports have modernized the travel experience with Mindful.