Trish’s customer experience is eerily familiar.

For customers like Trish, getting in touch with a brand is a dreadful experience. Is she doomed to the black void of CX?


When it all goes wrong, how do you make it right?

The ideal customer experience—never experiencing any trouble—is a pipe dream. And when things break down, it’s time for the brand to shine.

So what can you do to save the day for people like Trish?

When it’s time to reach out, can they contact you?

Brands bury their phone number, trying to keep customers out of the queue. But when customers have to hunt it down—and they will—to finally call, now that context is lost in the divide between digital and voice.

Show up with digital transitions into voice to not only set up your customers for success, but your agents, too.

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Collect info online for a perfectly queued call.

Allowing a customer to schedule their call with an agent puts the customer in control and grants them freedom. Meanwhile, you get the benefit of predicting volume and evening out peaks. It’s truly a win-win.

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Surprise and delight customers with a premier callback experience.

It can be hard for customers to trust their journey with a brand. Just like a road trip, it’s vital to keep customers on track with expectations and notifications along the way. Now the customer experience is more like catching up with a friend than it is duking it out with a robot.

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See your lines go “whoosh.”

With Mindful on your side, everyone benefits: customers, agents, and brands. It might be hard to believe, but it’s true!

Customers gain flexibility and feel seen. Agents receive calmer calls and have details needed for an efficient call. And brands gain cross-channel attribution, happier customers, and lower overhead.

Need to see it to believe it? We’d love to show you.

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Very Human Technology

We’ve been pioneering better—dare we say, “human”—experiences for over 25 years.

And now that phones are more often in your pocket than on a wall, we help you meet customers there, too—with solutions that help customers move between web, chat, text, or voice without hiccups.

It’s all to help you treat your customers like, well—people. Bonus? They’ll love you for it.

Loved by Trishes all around the world.

Explore Mindful’s voice, digital, and text experiences to help customers feel more like Trish than trash.

Digital Callback Scheduling

Call Scheduling

Scheduling for website, app, or chat.

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Callback over voice


Give free time instead of hold time.

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Text Messaging


Send SMS texts using your toll-free line.

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Text Notifications


Automate action-based messages.

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Optimize your CX with insights.

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Client Services and Support


The callback creators—at your call.

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Connect with your customers.
Wherever they are.

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