Turn insight into action.

Receive detailed customer feedback in any channel, tied to specific interactions, delivered to stakeholders in real time.

All there is to know about knowing your customers.

In 2021, we added the Voice of Customer platform Survey Dynamix to our company (read the acquisition news here) and we’re very excited to fold its capabilities into our ecosystem as Mindful Feedback. These downloadables are perfect to learn more on your own or share with your team.


Overview of Mindful Feedback

Key benefits, features, and an overall introduction to this real-time insights and feedback tool.

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Use Mindful Feedback with any CCaaS.

Built for seamless integration with any telephony stack,
Mindful Feedback gives a live heartbeat to customer and agent interactions.
See how it works with these popular contact center platforms.

Genesys Cloud Logo
Mindful Feedback for Genesys Cloud


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Mindful Feedback for Amazon Connect


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Mindful Feedback for Twilio Flex


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Mindful Feedback for Five9


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Mindful Feedback for Avaya OneCloud


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Mindful Feedback for Talkdesk


Turn insight into action with Mindful Feedback.

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Know your customers.

Knowing exactly what your customers are experiencing, thinking, and saying is critical for success. When delivered in real time, these insights can be used to make immediate changes, crafting a glowing customer journey that squashes negative experiences before they snowball.

Understanding the voice of customer at any given moment proactively prevents negative experiences from happening again.


Close the loop before it escalates.

Detractors are the Achille’s heal to any business. But when customers can give immediate feedback and receive a response in minutes, negative experiences never reach the light of day, and customer trust is grown exponentially.

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