Mindful Support Policy


Mindful provides application support, consultation and trouble-shooting services for all customers. This policy is meant to provide a guideline to customers of these services.

Support tickets may be logged via online submission form, email or telephone during the hours listed below:

Standard Support Professional & Enterprise Support
Method of Contact
M-F, 8am-5pm EST
Email, Phone and Text
24×7, 365


Email: support@getmindful.com

Telephone: +1 (866) 670-2223 (US and Canada); +44 1440 564940 (EMEA); +1 (330) 670-2238 (Worldwide)

Certain Support cases will require bug fixes to bring the software into substantial conformance with its then current technical documentation. These cases will be resolved in accordance to these terms:

Severity Chart and Response Times (see chart below)

Critical – Customer’s production software is down; the loss of production data is a concern and no procedural workaround exists. 1 hour 24 hours 15 days
High – Customer cannot use major software features or when the software is exposed to potential loss or interruption of service; no acceptable workaround exists. 4 hours 48 hours 30 days
Medium – Medium-to-low impact situation that involves partial non-critical functionality loss. Typically, an easy workaround exists. Medium issues include documentation and GUI. 1 day 2 business days 30 days
Low – General usage question or recommendation for a future software enhancement or modification. 2 business days 4 business days N/A


Clarifications to Above Resolutions:

  • The above time periods begin when customer notifies Mindful of the support issue
  • Certain situations may require software development and testing that may result in an increase in the resolution time stated above

Exceptions to Above Resolutions:

  • Delays attributable to client call-flow and routing changes
  • Lack of timely communication or full cooperation by customer


High-Availability Architecture:

Mindful hosts all Cloud Services on resilient and elastically scalable infrastructure, using a fault tolerant application architecture. This ensures high availability and consistent application performance. All components of our Callback application are load-balances across multiple availability zones, substantially reducing the risk of failure.

Our cloud service providers adhere to industry standard compliance, certifying in ISO 27001, SOC 2 or similar. We obtain and review these reports on an annual basis to confirm compliance.

All SSL certificates are created and updated with 2048-bit key length and SHA-256. Our keys, supporting database encryption as well as SSL, are encrypted and stored using a key management service.


Disaster Recovery:

Mindful’s infrastructure architecture supports a recoverable process. Automated data backups, coupled with documented and automated recovery procedures for the application and its supporting infrastructure, results in our ability to restore functionality to a new geographical region with minimal downtime.



Note: These support terms may change, but Mindful will not materially degrade these terms during a paid support term. Mindful will provide email or other electronic notice of any material changes.


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