Mindful Launch Pack Services Terms


Virtual Hold Technology Solutions, LLC will provide SaaS configuration services of the Mindful Platform. The use of VHT’s Mindful Platform is solely governed by the terms of the applicable subscription agreement between the parties. Launch Pack Services provide general guidance and consulting. Launch Pack descriptions below are provided as a guideline for a typical implementation and are not a guarantee of completed work. All Launch Pack Services must be completed within the term listed on the executed Order.

VHT will initiate the implementation of your new Mindful instance. You will be assigned a Project Manager to work through the Launch Pack with you. They will schedule a kick-off call to review your desired goals and outcomes. Launch Packs are designed to get you started quickly and include configuration and setup, best practices, testing, and training. Descriptions on how specific capabilities of Mindful will be deployed can be found below.


Voice Callback with Notifications

Voice Callback gives customers the ability to get free time instead of hold time. Notifications deliver text messages to customers automatically based on their actions. If you have opted to use Callback, your Launch Pack will include the following:

  • Communication (as needed; SIP or PSTN) setup, testing and provisioning of phone number(s)
  • Provision a new Organization on the VHT Mindful Platform – admin user added
  • Configure the Mindful Platform administrative web interface to support queues
  • Create and configure call targets/queues
  • Create Users and Business Unit
  • Determine voice experience call flows and prepare voice prompts
  • Load and configure Client-created prompts
  • If PSTN, assign Direct Inward Dial (DID) phone numbers to support call targets
  • Notifications discussion and scoping
  • Configure initial Notification use cases
  • If you choose to utilize custom prompts, you’ll need to provide recorded audio files for loading which may increase the overall timeline of the deployment.


Send SMS text messages to customers over the same business lines used for voice. If you have opted to use Messaging capabilities, your Launch Pack will include the following:

  • Messaging discussion and scoping
  • Set up and test Client-provided phone number for Short Message Service (SMS) messaging
  • Provide account access
  • Set up and test two “initial” use-cases (e.g., Broadcast, Persistent Messaging)

Digital Callback

Add a simple callback scheduling tool to a website, mobile app, or chatbot. If you have opted to use Digital Callback, your Launch Pack will include the following:

  • Digital Callback discussion and scoping
  • Integrate callback “widget” into Client website, mobile app, or chatbot
  • Test, monitor, and tune Digital Callback


Automations are SMS engagements that automatically respond when a customer uses a predefined character string such as @callme, @update, @cancel, etc. If you have opted to use Automations, your Launch Pack will include the following:

  • Discover the automation character strings to be used and understand desired responses
  • Set up and test Client-provided phone number for Short Message Service (SMS) messaging
  • Configure messaging and automations environment


VHT’s Responsibilities

  • Project Manager. VHT will provide a Project Manager (PM) as a single point of contact who will be responsible and authorized to (i) make all decisions and give all approvals which Client may need from VHT, including but not limited to making available appropriate personnel to work with Client as may reasonably be requested, (ii) share information, data, and support with Client personnel as needed, and (iii) manage and participate in the kickoff discussion, schedule coordination, integration testing, acceptance testing, training, and Go-Live.
  • VHT Engineer. VHT will assign an Engineer to build out call targets and implement settings with necessary input from the Client’s technical team.
  • Other VHT resources may be brought into the project in support of project goals and timelines.
  • Implementation Services. VHT will work with Client to identify the best methods for establishing connectivity with VHT using available options to Client in compliance with VHT accepted connectivity designs. During discovery meetings, VHT will document findings for both VHT and Client’s connectivity efforts and provide to Client a working draft design to be finalized prior to deployment.
  • VHT on-site presence should not be necessary throughout the process. VHT is currently restricting travel for its employees due to COVID-19. If travel is required in the future, travel and living expenses will be approved in advance by Client, and will be billed at actual cost.
  • Planning Sessions. VHT will organize meeting(s) between VHT and Client’s technical and business representatives to review and verify the components of the technical environment and service milestones for the services under this SOW. The Client PM will then determine the appropriate assignment of tasks.
  • VHT will also arrange for sessions between VHT technical resources and Client to consult and configure the VHT Mindful Solution with the applicable call flows. VHT will collaborate and work with Client throughout the implementation process.

Client’s Responsibilities

  • Client will be responsible for any existing technology that is not a direct VHT product – this includes, but is not limited to web modifications, routing scripts, gateways, network and telecommunication switches.
  • Client will provide a point of contact who will work with the VHT team and be responsible for coordinating appropriate access to systems, documentation, and scheduling of Client personnel. Client will commit all necessary resources, in a timely manner, to the engagement. Additional resources to be provided by Client (as needed) include:
    • Telephony / Network Engineer
    • ACD / Routing Engineer
    • Project Manager
    • Call Center Manager / Supervisor
    • Quality / Testing
  • Client System Changes Required
    • If PSTN, provision DID for Client to send calls to VHT via PSTN
    • If SIP, route callback registration calls to VHT using SIP integration
    • Call routing changes implemented (ACD)
    • Callback offer prompting/routing (ACD)
    • Agent Training (press 1 to connect to caller)
  • Client Environment Requirements
    • Existing traffic: Inbound to contact center
    • ACD routing integration for outbound call to VHT
    • ACD routing integration for inbound call from VHT
    • Phone number(s) to facilitate callback routing (1 per queue)
    • ACD routing integration for callback prioritization
    • Provide ACD routing updates and/or additions
    • Provide approval on voice prompts (verbiage or audio files) to be used in the solution
    • Agree that all work must be scheduled so as to ensure that a qualified VHT resource(s) can be made available at the hours/times needed.
    • Acknowledge that VHT will need at least two (2) business days advance notice to schedule after-hours resources.
    • If the provided default voice prompts are not used, Client will provide all needed audio recordings
    • Premise ACD call routing modifications
      • Vector or scripting modification


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