Benefits of Moving to a Cloud and SaaS Callback Solution

by Mindful
 • August 17, 2020
 • 3 min to read

Do you want to save time and resources? For customer support, customer experience, and marketing departments, moving from on-premise call center software to cloud-based services can help. A cloud contact center can boost your organization’s flexibility and growth potential. That’s all it takes. Providing the best possible customer experience without getting bogged down in the details is easier than you might think.

If you’re wondering if — and when — to move to the cloud, here are just a few of the benefits of cloud-based services to help you choose.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Cloud-based call center technology takes much lower start-up and overhead costs than on-premise call centers. All you need is a strong internet connection. There’s no need to install hardware or even have a physical space for the system in your department.

Lower requirements mean lower maintenance costs, and the hassles of troubleshooting and supporting hardware are reduced, too.

Most cloud solutions work on a subscription basis with monthly or annual fees. If you add everything up, that cost often works out to be much lower than having to maintain hardware and staff — not to mention what happens to your productivity and customer experience when your hardware malfunctions.

Improved Flexibility

Since there’s no need to set up hardware and infrastructure on-site, the start-up time for cloud-based call center technology happens in weeks, rather than the months or years you’d need to install on-site hardware. As your organization grows, adding agents to your team is quick and easy — no extra phone equipment needed.

Because cloud-based call center technology is accessible using a desktop or mobile platform, representatives don’t have to be stuck at a desk. They can work any place at any time.

For you, that means fewer disruptions in customer service. Agents can respond to calls from home whenever you need them, so you won’t need as much on-site office space for representatives. You’ll get more coverage, excellent customer service, and an overall better customer experience.

Cloud-based call center technology also plays well with most CRMs. You can integrate support for call script generators, helpdesk tickets, survey templates, and more.

Better Security

It may not seem quite right that housing your data with a cloud company would be more secure than keeping it on an on-site server — but it’s true. Cloud companies have far more expertise and resources devoted to ensuring data security, so they can stop security problems and fix anything that comes up right away.

Most data breaches are actually the result of human error. By moving your data off-site, you reduce contact with the data, lowering the risk of breaches. Outsource your data to the cloud, and leave it to the experts to keep it safe and secure.

Cloud-based call center technology also gives you more security and stability during disasters. Because the technology isn’t tied to a physical space and data is backed up off-site, your team can continue accessing your data from wherever.

VHT Is Dedicated to Your Success

If your organization is ready to make the move to cloud-based call center technology to improve your ROI, efficiency, and customer experience, reach out to learn how VHT can maximize your relationship with your customers.

VHT’s Mindful platform has APIs already established with many common call center platforms and easily integrates with other emerging platforms like Twilio, Five9, and Amazon Connect. It can adapt with your changing technology needs, growing alongside you as you expand.

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