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Year In Review


A Look at Being Mindful in 2021


What a year! While at times it felt like this year was 24 months long, other moments left us feeling as if there were only four days between March and December.

If you were on that rollercoaster with us, then we can pretty easily put ourselves into your customers’ shoes. Fortunately for them, 2021 marked another year where Mindful was able to bridge CX gaps for millions of customers, connecting experiences with rapid deploy time and consistent uptime.

So what did it look like to meet customers where they are this year? Before we show you the feature, let’s start with a trailer! In October, we proudly published this video starring Trish, a broken washing machine, and how Mindful saves her from the black void of bad customer experience — an experience we’re all too familiar. Enjoy!


Customers start online.
And we’re excited to meet customers there, too.

Walmart's customer service page with callback offered in chat

Our biggest achievement for our digital capabilities: We have deployed Mindful’s callback scheduler across the website and chatbot for a fortune 100 leading retailer!

And there were plenty of other ways we helped clients meet their customers in new and innovative ways. Check out some of the exciting new features we released in Mindful this year:

Intents make it easy to ask questions that identify a customer’s needs as they schedule online, giving the agent more context and ensuring that the customer gets to the right agent in the digital-to-voice handoff.

Our new SMS notifications give you rules-based text responses to connect with customers anywhere they are. Automatically let them know the time you’ll call them, offer them links for self-service, and any other notifications that fit your needs.

Easily track and visualize how customer interactions are handled in Mindful and report clearly on call volume, hold times, and more with our new built-in historical and real-time reporting tools.

Stay tuned for more Mindful features launching in 2022!

Customers continue to choose free time over hold time.

Large phone, representing call back, with woman walking dog.

Every year, we’re proud to help more and more customers get in touch with a brand in the channel and time that’s best for them. To accomplish that goal this year, we delivered over 146M conversations across all Mindful products. That’s a 116% increase year-over-year!

Mindful also saved 3.9B queue minutes—about 7,420 years. Fun fact: That’s more time than it would take to drive your car to Pluto (about 6,293 years).

Other incredible efficiencies this year:

  • Abandon rate was lowered 27% for clients using Mindful.
  • Mindful mitigated 33M abandons.
  • Over 60% of Mindful’s callbacks were answered in less than 30 seconds.

Customer-centricity starts with the customer. So, we doubled down on voice of customer.

digital survey graphic

One of our biggest accomplishments this year was adding leading VoC solution Survey Dynamix to our company!

  • Survey Dynamix brings real-time surveys to the contact center, enhancing feedback insights with multi-channel delivery and detailed personalization.
  • We facilitated 27,716,147 survey completions, which is a 145% increase from 2020.

Join us in welcoming Survey Dynamix to the Mindful team!

Staffing continues to worry brands—so Mindful made agent life better, too.

Voice of Agent graphic

The effects of the pandemic continue to weigh heavy for contact centers (there’s a reason why this post continues to be our top viewed). Brands continue to rehire after restricting operations in 2020, and yet hiring competition is steep, with WFH changing the agent landscape. Meanwhile, call volumes continue to grow and agent demands are at their highest.

Which is why we’re very excited to report on Mindful’s positive effects to agent experience .

By taking customers off hold, Mindful lowered handle times by 15 seconds on average and increased NPS 3-5%. When customers trade hold time for free time, conversations are a lot more pleasant and efficient.

Several of our clients have even adopted 100% scheduled callback models, creating a predictable schedule for an unpredictable workforce. When agents can finally clock out on time for the first time in months, the sigh of relief is heard throughout the company.

Agents make the magic happen—and we’re happy to make them happy!

Growing and scaling into 2022



In order to rise to all of the new exciting opportunities and growth areas in the customer experience space, we had to staff up and show up.

We hired 47 new employees in 2021, increasing our team by almost 35%!

You saw us virtually and in-person at four major events: Five9 CX Summit, Twilio SIGNAL, AWS’ re:Invent, and Genesys PartnerFest. We were also in attendance at CCW’s Design Thinking conferences.

So, what’s next?

In 2022, we look forward to bringing you more digital-first innovations, new commercials, and thought leadership. Until then, stay Mindful!